More jet contrail info.

More of just an FYI: Some interesting data came out of the 9/11 plane grounding, which provided a chance to observe otherwise clear skies and only a few planes.

Cecil’s column:

Another interesting fact - the website mentioned in the Straight Dope article, , now has this text:

Contrail Connection will be closing for good on August 21 2001 all information and images will remain online until further notice, but all message boards, reporting forms and any other interactive feature will be deleted.

and you’re redirected to Project Paranormal. Did the government finally catch up with its contrail victims and eliminate their website? :eek:

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Can you give us a little hint as to what kind of “interesting” data this article provides, toadspittle?

tracer, I think registration to the NY Times site is free. iN any event:
October 30, 2001
Briefly Empty Skies Offer Climate Clues
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NASA images show a sky with hardly any contrails above the eastern coast of the USA. The large amount of contrails usually found above the area form cirrus clouds that let sunlight in and trap the rising heat from the earth, which creates a warming trend. Dr. Minnis from NASA said the lack of flights after 11 September offered an ideal situation for doing a comparison study. From satellite photos one could tell how a single contrail (from a military flight following 11 September, on a day where no commercial flights were allowed) turns into a cirrus cloud. This will help enhance computer models on the effect of aviation on climate.

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Jon Rappoport has recently written about chemtrails on his website (…he points to a US Air Force report from the late '60s, entitled “Owning the Weather by 2025” as a possible origin for the deliberate use of chemtrails by the military.

He also refers to a study of chemtrails (which was done after Cecil’s article), set up by the FAA, which showed that the chemtrails left behind by military jets lasted significantly longer (by several minutes) than the trails left by commercial airliners…I’m sure you can make up your own conspiracy theories for why this would be.

Anyway, the impact of his argument is somewhat lessened by the fact that this article is immediately preceded by a discussion of UFO’s, but its worth checking out if you’re interested:

The Link

The water vapor in contrails condenses around particulate stuff in the exhaust. I wouldn’t be surprised if military jets had more particulates than highly efficient, clean-burning commercial airliners.