More Mundane Ramblings

Unhappy things:

We just moved to a new office area and my allotted personal space is now much smaller – less total room, less bookshelves, less file drawers, less desktop, less privacy, less enthusiasm, less loyalty, etc., etc.

I read about a job opening with a new company that looked like just the thing for me. I e-mailed my resume. They called right back (at work), said they’d call that night or next night (at home). They didn’t call. I e-mailed them again. No response. Feel bad.

Happy things:

I’m feeling good physically – sleeping well, good energy levels, etc.

I’m learning about XML – “the hot new technology for the second-generation web!”. Always fun to learn something new – and it might even be useful!

Mixed things:

I’m turning 45 on Tuesday.

My wife is travelling with her parents and I miss her, but she’ll be back Sunday.

SMDB things:

I really enjoyed the Y.A.R.N. game and the Message-Board World.

Poster I would most like to meet – Zette.

I still read canthearya as can-the-area.

“non sunt multiplicanda entia praeter necessitatem”
– William of Ockham

Mundane…pointless…old stuff

Eons ago there was athread about sex-porno found by the wayside. Well, finally, I saw a dildo on the road. It wasn’t attached to anything, but I’m sure it was rubber and not some guy’s bobbitized unit.

I hope I go into labor within the next few hours. A friend of mine who sells Mary Kay gave me a facial & a makeover this afternoon. I look great. It would be nice to go to the hospital looking good.

I like Sevendust and Staind. I think they’re neat.

I decided that I hate MTV. They are going to destroy my favorite music this weekend. Hard music (aka Heavy Metal) is growing to a bigger audience thanks to the likes of Korn, Gimpy Bizquick and Orgy. I’d very much appreciate it if they left System of a Down alone, along with Staind, Sevendust, Slipknot, deftones, coal chamber, Fear Factory, Puchmonkey, Grinspoon… etc etc

ok, time to go live the college life…

“I’m not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information.”-- Calvin and Hobbes
\/-------\ | |-----| |

Puchmonkey isn’t a band… Pushmonkey is on the other hand

“I’m not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information.”-- Calvin and Hobbes
\/-------\ | |-----| |

I was forced to shave last night by the guys in my dorm. I had work to do so I locked myself in to get away from them, so the all stood around teh door trying to get me out. They put shaving cream on teh door, then knocked out my peephole and put shaving cream in there. Then they realized they could get in trouble so they cleaned it all up. They left eventually. The funny thing was that as soon as I finished my homework I shaved. I wasn’t against shaving, I just had to finish my Physics first.

The funniest part was when I guy told me I had to come out to get my peephole back or the school would charge me $10, and I pointed out that since I knew he hd it * he * would have to pay. He rolled back under teh door and apologized for about 10 minutes because he realized I could rat him out to teh RCs. When I finally got out and went to talk to an RC (I missed checkin during teh seige) the only person I ratted out was him. Of course, he told on the rest of them, but I explained to the folks he got in trouble teh situation. They were very interested to hear that he was responsible…

I think I understand my Chemistry class.

I know I don’t understand my Physics class.

I didn’t know the character for she[/]n on my Chinese quiz today, but I got enough bonus to do it.

The Ai\ Yue- Ha

  1. Eye You-way Han
  2. It’s Chinese.
  3. The symbols are tone marks.
  4. No, I wasn’t drunk when I registered.
  5. Just call me John, OK?

My birthday is almost over and nobody on here wished me a Happy Birthday :frowning:


Well, did you bring donuts?

Happy birthday anyway!

Cristi:forget the looks.Think pain killers.

I tried to make oven-fried chicken tonight and really screwed up. There was so much smoke that I’m surprised the fire department didn’t show up. Some grease caught on fire in the oven (joy).

Oh, and the smoke detector doesn’t work.

The magazine will be out in five days. It’s a community college mag, so it’s nowhere near as prestigious as the one I’m working on now (The Journal, out of Ohio State), but it’s my first, and I was involved in all aspects of it, not just solicitation and selection like I am now. The funny thing is, for the class I’m in now, I have to go to at least two poetry readings for credit–and one of the readers is someone I published in the mag that will be out on Wednesday. I’ve never met the guy, so I can’t wait to go. And another of the readings is by Derek Walcott, so I’ll call off work for that one if I have to.

Well, no labor last night. So now I don’t look fabulous anymore. Oh well. I do already have plans for painkillers, though. This is my third time on this trip. The first two were natural. I have nothing left to prove to anyone. :slight_smile:

My computer is broken, so I have to use my Dad’s instead. Which means I don’t get a whole lot of time online because I share an AOL account with my parents, some of my siblings and their spouses. I’m lucky if I get an hour or two, when I used to be on all day. It’s hard to find things to do that interest me other than the internet. I’m quite the AOL junkie.

<big>Oh, and Shadowfox, happy (belated) birthday!</big>

Just saw a commercial for a nifty new hair removal product, called Nad’s. There’s a video that comes with it, explaining how to use it. The video is titled something like “How to Get Results With Nad’s.” Then, at the end of the commercial, the tell you to call the 800 number, to get your Nad’s now!

hehehehehehe…they said nads…hehehehe…

Gary Coleman (Arnold on Different Strokes) is broke, arrested and is getting bad press so Gary fans are going to run a telethon for him starting Nov. 1st.UGO Presents:Gary Coleman Celebrity Webathon at http://www.ugo. com/welovegary/… :smiley:

I was surprised to see my name in a thread out of the blue as a “poster you’de most want to meet”. Interesting…Makes me worry for your sanity :wink:

Lets see…my mundane rambling…
Last night I went out to eat at M&D’s cafe…they serve so much food to you that they said they’ve NEVER seen anyone finish it all (a pasta order is literally a pound of pasta with sauce and bread and meatballs, etc)
I ordered the Pork Roast (special) and it was literally about a 2lb pork roast smothered in gravy, a huge helping of stuffing and potatos, and green beans. I am having the leftovers tonight for dinner for both my husband and I, and I’ll bet we won’t finish it all. Wow! That’s some serious food!

Run for the hills, folks! Or you’ll be up to your armpits in martians!

Cristi, I hope you go into labor soon and I hope you don’t progress to far where you can’t get an epidural. Egads…that would blow.


Mowing the lawn today on our 30 year old riding lawn mower and the left wheel came off. Not entirely, I didn’t fall off or anything, it was as if I was stuck in a patch of oil ( Oil? on my property…Pa! Black gold, were movin’ to CAli-for-n-i-a.) It took me about 1 minute to realize that 2nd to Reverse 20 times was not going to relieve this problem and I realized the wheel slipped off its flux capacitor.
The bolts had gradually all fallen off. So I splurged and bought 5 new ones and washers to boot at the hardware (read: foreign territory) store. Hubby had me back on the mower in under 10 minutes.( After an hour round trip to Ace…with a garage sale stop along the way.) Then I ran out of gas.
I also cut down all my dying/dead flower beds and filled up two huge wheelbarrows full with stuff. Like my life, my compost pile runnest over.

New Simpsons tonight. Whoo hoo.

Zette –

Didn’t mean to startle you. Two reasons I picked you, one rational, one otherwise:

Rational – I sense from your posts that we agree on enough things that we could have a conversation and disagree on enough things that it would be interesting.

Irrational – Your screen name starts with a Z and reminds of a girl I knew in high school whose name also started with a Z and who was a nice person. I know it’s irrational but it could be worse: my grandmother’s name was Zella, who was also a very nice person (think of Aunt Bea from the Andy Griffith Show) but I doubt you’d be flattered if you reminded someone of their grandmother!

Unrelated mundanities:

I drove my dad and some of his truck driving buddies to the airport this morning and they tipped me! Not my dad (not likely!!) but the other guys did! Wouldn’t take no for an answer!

Now I have my dad’s car at work and I have to remember to look for a silver Buick instead of a white Honda when I go to the parking lot. If you see a lot of posts from me late tonight you’ll know I’ve forgotten!

“non sunt multiplicanda entia praeter necessitatem”
– William of Ockham

Just had a wonderful moment this morning. I’m listening to an excellent Harry Connick Jr song… “drifting” when i look up and see fog has rolled in off the Puget Sound. all I can see from my window is fog and the outlines of the tops of some evergreens… a lovely moment indeed.

Don’t let the loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey.

I lost my glasses about a week ago. I’d looked everywhere for them. I had just about resigned myself to having to get a new pair, when yesterday, my 2-year-old dropped the ball she was playing with. It rolled under the couch, and she got down on her hands & knees to try & get it. When she stood up, she had her ball in one hand…and my glasses in the other. “Mama glasses!” She said proudly, and handed them to me. I gave her a big hug, a thank you, and a sucker. Good thing she’s not old enough to understand how much money she saved me, or she would have asked for cash.

Cristi that reminds me of something:

We moved to VA about 2 years ago… my husband’s drivers license had, at that time, been lost since before my son was born. We’d moved 3 times since then and never found it. Suddenly, one day, my son (then 2) came up to me holding something in his hand… UDD’s drivers license! WTF??? And of course he was too young to tell me where he found it.

“Cluemobile? You’ve got a pickup…”
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