More Offensiveness! Wheeee!

I just need to get it off my chest.


Cos, of course, once we capture ONE MAN… All the world terrorism will stop, and the US will be completely safe. Really it will.

Good lord, it just makes me so damn mad. All the money we pump into this while our own ‘local’ economy goes down the toilet.

My prediction- One way or another, around late summer we’ll declare a ‘victory’ again, and start getting soldiers back home just in time for George to have nice photo ops.

It’s all a fucking game to them. I know, this is hardly news to anyone. I just really needed to rant.

While I agree that our ops over there are getting old and dangerous, the only choice besides trying to bring these guys down is to leave them there.

Not the best options, but I think the argument of “doing something vs. doing nothing” has been beaten dead.

And it really irritates me to see people construct strawmen just so they can knock 'em down. Who has said that all we need to do is get Osama terrorism will stop? I can’t think of a single person who has made that claim. In fact, your article specifically says that this proposed springtime operation is going to target groups* of individuals. They’re not going after a single guy.

Note the plurals. They’re re repeated in nearly every paragraph.

At least this is the right fucking war! At least they’re finally admitting we need to go into northern Pakistan and root out the fuckers behind September 11! Iraq is a misguided sideshow draining resources and attention from the real war that should be waged.

I fully support this offensive and hope they get Osama and as many of his fundamentalist Islamofascists as possible. Fuck Pakistan, Fuck the Taliban, Fuck al Qaeda!