More Pot Smokers: Men Or Women? And Who Smokes MORE Pot?

There are two questions here (which is why I’m getting nowhere by Googling - because Google is confusing them for the same question).

I’m trying to figure out which sex has more pot smokers. As in, x percent of men smoke pot, and y percent of women smoke pot. If x > y, then more men smoke pot than women, and vice versa. Not for nothing, my gut tells me that men are more likely to smoke pot than women, for absolutely no real reason that I can come up with.

And then as for those who do smoke pot, which group smokes more of it? Like, the average male pot smoker uses x days per week, while the average female pot smoker uses y days per week. Again, my gut says men, but again, no real basis for saying that.

For your first question, you are correct, more men smoke pot than women (in the U.S.). Here are some statistics from 2017.

The NIH also says that fewer females than males use marijuana, and links to various studies on gender differences. There is an interesting discussion of how the effects of marijuana may be different for women, but I didn’t see anything specifically on gender differences in amount used.

Wow, men by almost 2:1. I wouldn’t have thought the ratio quite so big.

My ex-wife could smoke anyone I know under the table…except Me and possibly Kayaker.

But this is obvious, isn’t it?

Mood-altering chemicals of all types are used more often by men than by women.
Men drink more alcohol, more men smoke cigarettes, more men use heroin, cocaine, etc.

About the only exception I know of to this general trend is medically-prescribed minor tranquilizers for women*. And that may be declining, due to the increased pressure on doctors to reduce such prescriptions.

*cite: “Mother’s little helper”, by British economist M. P. Jagger.

I’m also surprised by the ratio.

“Smoke weed. It’s the MANLY thing to do!”

From my experience, that seems about right. I actually would have thought a bit more like 3:1, honestly.


Reachin’ to the shelter
Of a mothers little helper…

When i was eight i THOUGHT I was mothers little helper.

Me too. I expected the gap to be much more in men’s favor. Men take more risks, and drug use isn’t the exception…

On a guy’s next date, “Wanna smoke? I ask like a gentleman because I know you are 3x less likely to…”