More than 50% of Americans polled don't know Romney's religion

No, because they know that people who are interested enough to actually respond are usually interested enough to give an honest answer. There really aren’t that many trolls out there.

I mean, it’s your own fault if you say yes to “Would you mind taking a survey?” If you aren’t smart enough to figure out that you can just say no, then you just confirm the suspicions of these types of polls.

I’m more interested in where he gets the impression that a significant number of liberals are atheists. Depending on which poll you look at, only 5 to 10% of Americans identify as atheists, and while those numbers probably skew to the left, that’s not nearly enough people to explain the numbers he’s seeing.

Well, you know how it is. Being liberal means you’re a Communist Atheistic Muslim Satanic terrorist gun grabbing baby killing welfare queen. We’re all one undifferentiated internally contradictory mass of evil, see.

Huntsman too.

Be fair; Romney’s religion, to whatever extent he takes it seriously, is well down the list of things that define him as a politician. Not knowing it doesn’t mean you don’t know who he is or what approach he’d take to Presidenting.

This is hilarious, coming from you. You usually BRAG about your atheism and leftism, but when I suggest that liberals are, on the whole, far more likely to be non-religious than conservatives, you act all huffy.

The Pew survey shows that 41% of self-described liberal Democrats do NOT agree with the statement “Barack Obama is a Christian.” Only 6% of those people believe Obama is a Muslim.

So, if 35% of liberal Democrats do NOT believe that Oabam is a Muslim OR a Christian, what explanations could there be?

Again, I see ONLY TWO possible explanations: 35% of liberal Democrats are morons, or 35% of liberal Democrats are telling themselves that Obama doesn’t really believe what he claims to believe.

If you have a better explanation, I’m all ears. If not, quit pretending to be offended by reality.


Then as a country, you’re headed in the right direction.

I disagree. Knowing someone is a religious nutball is important, as that nutballery will carry over into policy decisions. That’s why an open atheist will get my vote over a religious person, all other things being equal.

A much more likly interpretation is that a sizable portion of the sample see a differance between being ‘christian’ and being ‘Christian’. Most often when you see the word ‘christian’ capitalized it is tied to being an Evangelical Christian. Most people who follw less evangelical or fundamentalist sects of christianity do not go around refering to themselves as ‘Christian’, they are Lutheren or Congregationalist or some other denomination that happens to be christian. Obama can be seen in this sense as ‘christian’ without being ‘Christian’.

In other words, he is not a fundy.

That’s it, in a nutshell.

I’m not ever going to vote for the guy, so until he actually somehow wins public office, why should I give a rat’s ass what version of god he worships? And if he should get into office, what difference does it make even then?

I’m wondering just what options were given, that “Christian” is considered the right answer for Obama, but that “Catholic” and “Protestant” were options for Romney.

I mean, if you want to get down to specifics, I don’t know what religion Obama is, either. I know he’s Christian, but I couldn’t do anything more than guess as to the specific denomination. If a pollster asked me what Obama’s religion is, should I answer “Christian” (an answer which would be equally correct for any of the other current candidates, and almost everyone else in the country), or should I say “I don’t know”?

Technically speaking they would be wrong, since most Christian sects don’t accept Mormons as Christians, since they don’t accept the Book of Mormon as scripture. From the Mormons point of view, they are the only Christians and the rest of Christianity ran off the rails during the 1st century AD.

I actually know some Mormons, but their beliefs don’t bother me since I am an atheist.

I was watching the Daily Show the other night and I saw John Stewart making fun of Michele Bachmann for saying that Mormons aren’t Christians. I wonder if he fact checked that one first?

The most likely answer is that these people don’t know Obama’s religion and don’t care. I don’t know where on earth you got the idea that 35 percent of liberal Democrats are atheists. I’ve seen a handful of people on this board who think Obama isn’t really religious and is putting on a show, but I’d be surprised if three percent of liberals felt that way - nevermind 35 percent.

He’s been running for president since 2007 or so, and his religion does come up in a lot of the news coverage. But it’s possible people don’t pay attention or just don’t care.

No, they wouldn’t. Mormons consider themselves Christians, so unless you’re a fairly conservative Christian, you likely take them at their word. The rest of us aren’t that invested in the doctrinal disputes.

I’m guessing that the 50% that don’t know he’s a Mormon probably also don’t even know who he is.
But they could sure as hell tell you who Kim Kardashian and Snookie are.

“Far more likely”? There aren’t enough atheists in this country for liberals to be “far more likely” to be atheists.

That they neither know nor care?

Oh, the latter - and more than 35%, and about far more than religion. Are you under the mistaken impression that liberals like or respect Obama?

I’ll raise you an I haven’t heard of the guy. It’s not a presidential election year so I don’t follow this shit and I don’t care.

What was your excuse in 2008?

I’ll bite: Who’s Kim Kardashian (other than “a celebrity”) and why is she famous?

The people that are still saying they think Obama is Muslim are still just saying it as a jab. They know it’s not true but just like saying it cause they think they’ll get a rise out of his supporters.
You could probably ask a bunch of lefties is they think Michelle Bachmann is from Mars and you could get 95% of them to say they believe it.

fuck all if i know

He wasn’t a candidate for president at the time I voted.