More than 73% of my patients have covid now

Jails are different from prisons. I work for the prison system in my state, and one of the first things they did was shut down intake from the local jails. Jails don’t have that much control over who comes in- if someone is arrested and the judge remands them or they can’t make bail, they stay in jail. Even if they can make bail , they will often spend at least a couple of days in jail before being being released.

In my state, state employees won’t get extra sick leave* if they end up quarantined because they traveled to a state with a high positive test rate- so some of them lied when they were asked if they had traveled to such a state ( and got caught by the department of health). There really isn’t a good solution.

  • They can use their sick leave- so most of them will get paid. But they won’t get the special COVID leave that they would have gotten if they hadn’t traveled to one of those states.

Yeah, that was real helpful for us for a while. But after 3 months, the powers that be just said “gotta get back to business, get folks moving from jails to prison again”. Now our infection rates are 5 x higher and we’re taking folks from jail into the prison system.

Not my institution, though. given our outbreak, we’re not accepting new ones, only discharging folks whose sentence is over.

Over 80% of my patients have it or are over it now. One death. :frowning: