More trees now than when Columbus arrived?

I’ve heard it said (sorry, not cites) that there are more trees in the US now, than when Columbus arrived.

If this is true, how do we know? I seriously doubt we’ve been counting the number of trees for hundreds of years…or have we?

Have we been keeping track of how many acres of forest land there are?

It doesn’t seem logical to me seeing how areas of land are cleared for new cities, or for cities to grow.

But again, if it is true, how do we know?

Seems impossible to determine that. I’d say it isn’t true. I can stand on top of my apartment building in Chicago and see a surprising amount of trees in the surrounding area, but I imagine it was a much more forested area 400 years ago.

How many trees in North America?
Trees - the new world

Before the board went back to being free, I went about 2 years not being a member. I guess in that time, I forgot about thread searches:smack:.

At any rate, thank you. The first link has exactly what I was looking for.

That New World thread is quite illuminating.