Morgan Grace / The Romanovs

Classically trained at a young age, Morgan has been influenced by many genres of music in her life. One could describe Morgan’s music as an orchestra and a maudlin virus keyboard making love to an ingénue in the back of an 80s-style opera house. Her songs are a fusion of her classical background (piano, cello and opera) and the dark wave/industrial music she luxuriates in. If Trent Reznor, Kate Bush and Blonde Redhead had a lovechild, little Miss Morgan would be her.

I discovered Morgan Grace / The Romanovs through a music sharing community on livejournal when someone linked to La Mer Enchanté and was immediately intrigued by the opening notes and fell in love only a few moments later, upon hearing the haunting operatic vocals of Morgan Grace. I probably listened to it a good dozen times after that and just as often over the next few days while scouring the net to try to find more by them. I eventually found their (or, rather, Morgan Grace’s) website at and was really happy to find that all but one of their songs is free to listen to and save in her music page.

Of the nine other songs, my favorites are Exit Wounds, The King, Sonnet, and Olden Times, though there’s honestly not a single song I dislike and, according to my profile , I listened to them 57 times in the past week, which is no small feat considering it only tracks music played on my home computer and most of my time’s been spent either at work or staying at my girlfriend’s apartment.

They also have a myspace with three other songs besides and they’re all just as lovely, though I’m less familiar with them due to them not being downloadable.

Obligatory bump.