Mork from Ork sequel?

My wife swears she recently saw a “Happy Days” on Nick at Nite where Mork returns. She says it was like a sequel to the first episode where Richie thinks he saw a UFO, and then dreams about meeting Mork. (Of course, “Mork and Mindy” spun off of this episode).

But, was there a sequel within the “Happy Days” series with Mork??? Can anyone enlighten me about this episode? - Jinx

Yes and no.
In the premier episode of Mork and Mindy, Mork recounts his second trip to Milwaukee and meets up with not only Fonzie but goes on a date with Laverne Defazio. Methinks they were trying to hedge their bets on the pilot by adding the bigger stars of Marshall’s other mega hits of the time.

There was a second Mork episode of Happy Days, after Mork and Mindy premiered, but it was a flashback episode with the Mork appearance as the frame. He travelled back to the early sixties to learn about human relationships from Richie and Fonzie, and their memories provided the flashbacks.