Mormon Marriges

I just read the article. It was neatly done, and having not undergone a temple wedding myself, I only noted two things out of place…

No secret handshakes are learned. :rolleyes: This is gleaned from my sisters and far, far too many cousins who have undergone temple weddings.

The person who authorizes a temple recommend is not a “temple bishop.” He’s just a bishop. He and his crew are in charge of the organization of a particular ward or branch. A person seeking a recommend must also have an interview with the stake presidency. A stake is a group of several wards, thus a stake president is in charge of several wards.

Thank you for your unbiased information.

I just noted I forgot the link and there is no edit option. Here it is.

Welcome, Dawnbird2! And thanks for catching the need for a link. I’m sure Dex appreciates it. I have to admit being disappointed to hear there aren’t really any secret handshakes, though. Much like when I learned the Freemasons aren’t really bent on world conquest.

No secret handshakes at the SDMB, either, but you’ll be able to edit (though only for five minutes) after you become a full member. This way we prevent trollish folk from abusing the board, because everybody knows trolls can’t get credit cards and the Chicago Reader’s online payment system doesn’t take billy goats.

Er, yes, yes they are, during the endowment, which you have to have done before you can get sealed.

One of the secret handshakes in used - not learned - during the wedding.

I said they didn’t learn them during the wedding. Nothing about using them. :slight_smile:

But the article was clearly talking about the endowment ceremony, which is done before the sealing ceremony. Overall, except for the “temple bishop” part and perhaps some confusion between the washing and anointing, the endowment, and the sealing ceremony itself, I’d say the article is accurate.

slips Rico the secret handshake

I saw that!

The Temple Recommend process is fairly straightforward. First, the member requests to have an interview for that purpose with his ward’s bishop or his branch’s president. If the bishop or president signs the recommend, then the next interview is with the stake president or the next higher authority for the branch–some branches fall under missions and others under stakes, etc.). If the stake president signs the recommend form, that’s it. The member now has a Temple Recommend which is valid for two years.

Can’t believe we two authors of that report missed “temple bishop.” :smack: