Morning Glories Gone Viral ...

Here in midcoast Maine, my morning glories have finally grown, sprouted flowers and tendrils out the wazoo, and are now


the hummingbird feeders




Just thought the world would like to know :smack:

Those vines do seem to have a certain consciousness to them sometimes.

Wild morning glories, a.k.a. bindweed, looks a great deal like the cultivated, more well-mannered versions but dayum they will take over things. Izzat what you’ve got?

Pics or it didn’t happen. :slight_smile:

I’ve got them popping up in my front yard. (Narrative, no pix.) They are really tenacious things. When they go to seed they send the seeds literally popping in all directions. I’ve seen 'em do it and they seem to be eyeing me malevolently as they do it. :eek:

They manage to climb up the phone line and will get to the street if I don’t keep them in check. They’ll pull over day lillies, primrose, and they’ve started in on trying to get the walnut trees.

It’s about time for one of my monthly battles with the bastards. And it does look like the aftermath of a battle from all the red-brown sap stains on the hands after the fight.

I HAVE photos … I just don’t know how to add them to a post !!! :smack:

If somebody can tell me HOW … I’ll put them up & then YOU can see the viral morning glories entrapping the hummingbird feeders :slight_smile:

You need to load them up on a image-sharing site like Photobucket, then just post a link like any regular url.

I love morning glories - I tried planting them from seed, but they didn’t get far enough here to do much, and I haven’t seen them for sale as seedlings in a few years.

Out here in Seattle, the gardening columnist in the paper once informed people that to eliminate Morning Glories, you had to make sure you got the ‘mother root’ or it would just regrow.

The problem was that he claimed the ‘mother root’ was in a town about 35 miles north of Seattle…

Ah, yes, the same place that houses the mother root for all the dandelions in my yard…

We’ll have to nuke Seattle from space, just to be sure.

Maybe its a regional thing, but around here ‘Morning Glory’ is another nickname for a guys…well…‘morning wood’.

This thread turned out to be a lot different to what I was expecting.

Eyeballing it in Google Maps, North Marysville. I think you’d want to make ground zero as close as possible - a near miss could just mutate it.

Ditto. I was expecting to read that some more “active” photos of Prince Harry’s crown jewels were doing the rounds! :wink:


So THERE ! :eek:

Thought # 1: the flowers and perching spots will probably help draw hummers to the feeder.

Thought # 2: the leaves on the vines in that pic are narrower, more pointy, more heart-shaped than leaveson most cultivatedmorning glories. Methinks you might have what I have: a hybrid between the cultivated kind and the wild (bindweed) cousin. (I planted a bunch of “Heavenly Blue” and other varieties when we first moved to this house, and when they started popping up, I thought “Man, they all sprouted-- … What the hell? I didn’t put seeds there..” A few years of morning glory promiscuity, and I’ve developed my own hybrid. :smiley:

For this reason I was only about 80% certain the thread was about flowers.

Wow - they really ARE attacking the hummingbird feeder!

Whoa! Those are some aggressive morning glories.

I used to have cultivated morning glories, but now I only have…bindweed. Grrrrr.

They look like a version called “Grandpa Ott’s” morning glories. I love the color of them but they are much more enthusiastic growers than “Heavenly Blue”. I haven’t deliberately planted any in five years or more but they are tangling with all my other flowers and have been doing so for weeks now. They are very enthusiastic volunteers.