Morphine Pump

In brief, Ivylad suffered a back injury at work in Oct 2000. He went through cortisone injections, acupuncture, Vax-D, massage therapy, a laminectomy, and a spinal fusion. (Thank God for workers comp.)

To no avail. He’s back to using the walker and is in severe constant pain. He goes for days without sleep, and then conks out for 15-20 hours at a time.

His medications would choke an elephant. We’re talking about stuff the pharmacy won’t keep in stock because it’s so valuable on the street.

His doctor is at a loss. The good thing is the fusion looks great. The bad thing is the doctor doesn’t know why he’s still in pain. He’s referring him to a different pain managment doctor, who may recommend a morphine pump.

The problem with the morphine pump is that in 20-30 years Ivylad will be so accustomed to the morphine it will no longer work. He’s only 38, so in 20-30 years he will still be fairly young. I’m hoping in 20-30 years medical science will have improved enough that another solution will be available.

Sorry for the long backstory, now my request for your opinions.

Who knows what about morphine pumps? Do you have one, do you know someone who has one? Do they work? Do they wear out after 20-30 years, and then what? (We did a Google search and found some info, not a lot.)

I don’t know anything about the long-term problems of morphine pumps…but I do know about long-term, unending pain. My opinion (and IANAD) is that Ivylad should get the pump, and worry about the morphine not affecting him later on. If he doesn’t get pain relief, he might not CARE what happens down the road.

At work I set up the patient controlled analgesic pumps with a 1mg/1ml morphine 30ml syringe. These are big infusion pumps, not like the portable, wear- on- your- belt trebutaline or insulin pumps that have the catheter implanted in your skin. With all the medical advances in the past few years, I would take my chances on what science will evolve in 30 years and get relief for your husband now.

As someone who did take an addictive drug for a while (under the care of a physician) I say go with the pump.

Yes, it sucks to know that you are physically dependant on the chemical, but the alternative in much, much worse.

Good luck :slight_smile:

I think this is something that’s implanted under the skin? I could be wrong.