Mortgage fee comparison

How would I find out exactly what kind of fees different mortgage companies charge? What is typical?

My experience so far is that they don’t fully disclose them until required by law through the Good Faith Estimate document. In my particular case, I was astonished fo find how many there were and how high.

The outfit I’m dealing with, which has a good reputation, has come up with a figure of $4700. Only one item on the list of fees is dependent upon the amount borrowed, so they tell me that everyone pays roughly the same amount.

I’m purchasing a modest condo, so the fees come out to more than 10% of the purchase price! To me this seems a classic example of “we’ll loan you the money as long as you can prove you don’t need it.”

Am I being overcharged, or should I simply have bought a more expensive property to make it worth it? Should I find another mortgage company?

I have had a great experience with Lending Tree. You enter all your information and different mortgage companies make an offer. Lending Tree only relays your credit score, so there is no inquiry shown on the credit report unless you choose to pursue an offer. I got a number of low or no fee offers from several companies.

In my experience the offers through the site blew away offers I gathered on my own.