Mosaic Law and Calvinist/Puritan Societies

When Calvinist or Puritan societies were in existence in Geneva, or Massachusetts Bay Colony how strictly did they apply the civil aspects of Mosaic law? Did they for instance strictly put all adulterers to death?

Adultery was punishable by death in Massachusetts Bay colony. It was theoretically punishable by death in Plymouth colony until 1658, although, in practice, it was punishable by public whipping and to wear a badge with the letters “AD”. In 1658, the official punishment was changed to reflect common practice (whipping and badge).

During the English Commonwealth, adultery was punishable by death (the Adultery Act of 1650)

Adultery was punishable by a fine in Geneva until 1555, and then after the 1555 elections, where Calvin succeeded in getting his political opponents out of power, punishable by death.

But in any of these cases how many people were actually put to death? For instance in the Salem witch trials all those who “confessed” to being witches were spared despite the law saying that all witches were to be executed.

I have no idea. I know some were. I think in Massachusetts most were whipped and fined instead, but I don’t actually have facts at my fingertips backing it up.