Mosquito infestation. From where? How to get rid of?

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Sorry about that, keyboard went nuts.

early in the summer after due to a hole in a screen I had a misquito problem. I was constantly (usually at night) getting bit. I put air conditioners in, have barely opened the windows since, and lucklily got the chance to participate in mosquito mass murder one early morning when I caught a bunch of them in my shower.

Anyway, the problem was solved soon after that as I guess they died off. Except now, five months later I was woken up in the middle of the night with multiple bites on my head and arms. There are not enough that I see them swarming. I live in a pretty nice place and keep it cleen.

Any ideas:
where they live?
where they came from?
how I get rid of them?
how I keep them from comming back?

Mosquitos breed/hatch in still water, so you will want to clean up any stagnant pools you have sitting around. This should put a crimp on their life process, and they will eventually go away for good. However, mosquitos do not just appear out of nowhere, and they are unlikely to stow away in anything you would have brought into the house. I would be looking for a new hole, or if maybe another bug to blame for the bites.

Unfortunately, New York, New Jersey and some other NE states are now home to a mosquito breed that doesn’t need standing water to breed. This mosquito type can make due with just grass for it’s breeding.

Additionally, you are also in an area where there is a type of mosquioto that travells way farther than other types. Common skeeters fly just many feet from their hatching grounds, while some new types will travel many many miles - fairly unusual for skeeters, but now muhc more common (brutal to control them this way too).

High school football games, and numerous outdoor events in the NE have been cancelled because of the terrible mosquito problem, particularly because normal means of control are not as effective against skeeters that travel many miles, breed in grass and are notably more aggressive (Tiger mosquitos. While always around, are thriving, and these are the more aggresive ones)

Thanks. I knew about stagnant water and have been careful not too leave anything in the sink. I didn’t know about this other breed.

I have seen them so they are mosquitos, I just don’t see them around, only when they’re actually biting. They’re sneeky b*stards.

Any idea on their lifespan?
If they are breeding somewhere in the apartment, would basting the airconditioning to get the plac really cold for 24 hours do the trick?

Have you tried using deet?


what’s deet?

They live for about 4 days.

DEET is an abbrev for a longass chem name inn bug repellents such as OFF. DEET actually works and has been demonstrated to work.

A/C might slow them down, but it’s unlikely they are breeding indoors. Lawns, trees and any place that has standing water and no natural predators.

The Asian Tiger comes in low, around ankles, and works it way up. Yes, they are sneaky and more aggressive (NO, this is not a WWII stereotype. Asian Tiger Mosq. really are) They are a species from Asia, spread around the globe by the used tire industry.

Eggs can stay dormant for a year until water rises (or some other favorable condition exists) causing them to hatch.

so they are most likely comming in from outside, and I have to find a point of entry and close it. is this the consensus here?

if i were to get Off or some other deet contiaining product what is the suggested use, as I dont know where they are hiding within the apartment. just spraying myself down before bed?

the little b*stards get me on my face and hands as they are the parts which stick out from under the covers. i have devised a system in which the sheet is pulled up leaving only my nose exposed for breathing purposes and they got me there.

DEET is touted as safe, but I don’t know if I’d sleep with it on me (it’s intended use in on the body, but still).

Your home is not sealed up. There must be a entry point. Close it up and see if you can stop breathing, since they are drawn to C-O2.

There is an ORTHO product (among others) that is called Mosquito-be Gone and you can treat the perimeter of the house/yard with that, spraying all of the house and windows. Kills and repels. Failry effective.