Most accurate movie portrayals?

Inspired by this thread.

I’m not talking about historically accurate films, but rather those films where the characters reflect life or situations as you’ve experienced them, and do such a great job of it you want to introduce the director/writers/actors to your sisters.

For me, one of the absolute best was the portrayal of Naval personnel in “The Last Detail”. Man, I knew those guys. The dialogue, attitude, mannerisms, etc. were right on the mark. Hell, it was ME!

Absolutely everything in Hallowe’en happened to me.

Well, except the ice pick was a twizzler, but it was scary nonetheless.

I’m not sure how obscure it is, But I knew pretty much a dead ringer for every character and every situation in Kicking and screaming.

I’d never seen a movie set in high school that in any way whatsoever reflected any part of my high school experience until I saw Better Luck Tomorrow. I mean, the intellectual elite at my school was mostly white and if there was a massive drug trade I was unaware of it, but the rest? Dead on. Surely, surely the writers knew this guy who was a year ahead of me, who my best friend’s mom (who had taught him in 4th grade) said to her before she went to school with him, as her one piece of advice, “Watch out for M___ K___.” Oh yeah. :slight_smile:

Also, I see my dear friend J often in movies. The coffee cart guy in The Station Agent, most recently. That’s absolutely him. “We’re closed… but I’ll play soccer with you!”

Another one that comes to mind is “Nobody’s Fool”. I thought Paul Newman was channeling my brother.

American Graffiti. I knew every character in the movie and personally engaged in or at least witnessed every scene, albiet from a “Pharos” point of view.
To have all that action in just one Saturday night, well, it would have been one helluva Saturday night. But over the course of time I saw everything in that show happen pretty much the way they told it.
Yeah, I’m old! :smiley:

The character of Nedry in Jurassic Park is dead true-to-life. I ran into a friend of mine coming out of the theater and asked him if Nedry reminded him of anyone… he nailed it without a pause.

My wife tells me that the guys in Wayne’s World were dead-on the guys that she knew in Scarborough, Ontario – not surprising, given that that’s where Mike Myers is from.

The movie Dazed and Confused is the one closest to home for me. I either knew Everyone in that movie or WAS the people in that movie. Second runner up would be Clerks. A lot of that rang true too.

A couple of the characters in In Country rang pretty true for me, especially that bald character actor who is always “There’s That Guy” to movie-goers. The young girl’s mom is every late-30s Kentucky woman I know. Plus she has the mother’s perfect intuition–she takes one look at the mechanic character, turns to her daughter and asks if she’s sleeping with him.

Sir Rhosis

Pierce Borsnan’s geologist in Dante’s Peak, who was more interested in rocks and dirt than in Linda Hamilton. My dad’s a geologist, and you can’t get him to care about anything that hans’t been dead for at least 100,000 years.

And God Spoke. It’s a mockumentary about a skrank producer-director team making a movie of the Bible. Mr. Rilch, Boss, myself and other people we know in the film industry have, collectively, “seen” IRL every significant character and event in the film. (And in some cases, been them or participated.)

The Straight Story. Okay, so it’s based on a true story. But, yeah, I know people I can see riding a lawnmower (!) to see their brother in the next state over.

Reese Witherspoon’s character from Election. In some ways, I was her character – driven student and yearbook editor, not the weird sexual relationship with a teacher. Minus the inappropriate relationship and the journalism, I went to high school with a girl who was much more like that character than I was. She was on student council and had plans of pursuing a career in politics/lawyering. She even had the same type of personality, only because I had to deal with her every day, it wasn’t funny. Possibly because she was also slightly crazed and had a very inflated sense of self. And very well coifed. She was the only girl who, at 17, had a coiffure.

That movie was too close to home in so many ways.

High Fidelity. The ex said that me and my buddy Will were Cusak’s and Black’s characters in the record store we worked in. Always trying to tell people what they should listen to, and I was always making mix tapes (although I never had any type of top 5 lists going.) I easily see the resemblance.