Most actors to play a single role in a movie?

Last night I watched Riding In Cars With Boys, and aside from being 2½ hours of my life I’ll never get back, I was slightly amazed at the number of different actors they cast to play Drew Barrymore’s son. Here’s the list from IMDB:

Adam Garcia … Jason D’Onofrio (age 20)
Joseph M. Cannizaro … Jason (Newborn)
Noah Hartwick … Jason (Newborn)
Briana Tilden … Jason (Baby)
Skye Arens … Jason (Age 1)
Patrick Salerno … Jason (Age 2)
Robert Salerno … Jason (Age 2)
Logan Arens … Jason (Age 3)
Cody Arens … Jason (Age 6)
Logan Lerman … Jason (Age 8)

That’s gotta be a record, eh? (Although the 6-yr-old and the 8-yr-old looked absolutely nothing alike…)

Well, I can’t exactly name the movie without pretty much spoiling it, so…


How 'bout “Identity?”

Nowhere near the record, but perhap you could count three different actors as Darth Vader in ROTJ.

The Matrix Reloaded and Being John Malkovich both feature large numbers of digitally-altered extras playing duplicates of a principal character. This might not count as a “single role” though, since they’re all on screen at once. Does anyone have a count of how many Smiths and Malkoviches were in the respective scenes?

Movies that feature body-swapping as a plot device like The Hidden and Fallen might also be candidates.

I remember seeing one version of A Christmas Carol where they did a montage of shots of the young Scrooge in his schoolhouse at Christmas, one shot for each year. There must have been a total of six or seven different child actors playing the role, as well as the main adult actor.

I would be interested in seeing an official answer to this question. Maybe someone coud write to Roger Ebert and he’d reply in the ‘Answer Man’ column