Most annoying and egregiously inappropriate use of the Ladies Prayer Chain loop yet..

Geez and double geez. :rolleyes: Got this in my Inbox this evening, courtesy of somebody on my church prayer chain loop. They all know I don’t like to hear this kind of stuff (“it’s a Prayer Chain, gals, not a proving ground for Snopes”), but this one very nice lady just couldn’t help herself. The future of American Democracy As We Know It is in danger! If Ashcroft isn’t confirmed, we’ll all be murdered in our beds by liberal Democrats! I’ll spare you the rest of the accompanying wild-eyed e-mail.

Golly. :rolleyes: Like Dubya isn’t a Big Boy who can take care of himself, he needs Church Ladies all over the U.S. to “Do Something”? Ditto for Ashcroft? Like all that stands between Jeffersonian Democracy and the depths of degenerate socialism is the people of America clicking on their Internet petitions? The site says “Millions of Americans”, but I notice so far they’ve got a grand total of about 200,000 signatures. Why am I irresistably reminded of the Million Mom March? Who ARE these people anyway?

Raving political loonies, all of 'em. Don’t send me this stuff anymore, okay, J.?

Interesting. It’s been my understanding that Ted Kennedy’s rumblings about a filibuster were just that, and that Democratic leadership supports Ashcroft’s confirmation. How long into a Republican presidency do you think it’ll be before the more emphatic of our conservative brothers and sisters feel like it’s safe to emerge from their bunker mentality?

Ain’t hubris great? I love the crowd who are so sure that God is on their political side, that they feel it’s right to pray for the success of their candidates - or in this case, Cabinet nominees. And to ask others to do so, since they can’t conceive of the notion that anyone who’s a Christian wouldn’t believe that God’s on their guy’s side.

Might send an email back saying, “I’m already starting to pray over the 2004 election. Would you join me in praying for Hillary Clinton’s election to the Presidency that year?”

Nah, that would be just too cruel, in a delicious sort of way. I guess might be a bit out of line when it comes to the prayer circle. Such a pity.

It’s amazing that even on the eve of Dubya’s inauguration, Slick Willie is still pissing on his parade.

And is Linda Tripp still worth wasting film for the Five O’clock News?

If all the political opportunists and fanatics in the world are right, most deities are hopeless schizophrenics. After all, He/She/It/They are on the side of every wingnut faction around.

I know it’s bad, really bad, when I find myself remembering a movie with John Denver fondly (Oh God). I’d love for George Burns–or whomever–to show up and say, “Y’know, I don’t take sides. Shut up and live the way I told you.”

Reduced to total inanity,

Man, the liberal Democrats have all the fun! We anarcho-syndicalist communists never get to do anything exciting.

Well, maybe if you guys would start wearin’ clothes, people’d take you more seriously. :smiley:

For Integrity,

Bullshit, Bruce Eberle. Notice that not once did you say why Ashcroft should be Attorney General? Not only do I not agree with you, I now (that it’ll make much of a difference) think you’re both a piece of shit and a :wally.