Most annoying kids on TV

Please spoiler box anything that needs to be.

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about Carl but I never had a problem with him. For me hands down it is Zack from The Strain on FX. The little shit seems to be actively working towards the end of the world just because he can’t come to terms with the fact that mommy is a vampire.

He causes the death of one main character, puts his father in mortal danger over and over and walks off with his mother in the last episode even though it is obvious she is not longer human. It doesn’t matter how much you talk to him he just doesn’t get it.

This kid wouldn’t last 10 seconds in the Walking Dead. He would run up and hug mommy zombie.

So who are your annoying kids? I’m mostly talking about the characters not the actors but if there is someone who’s face you just hate go right ahead.

Rusty on Major Crimes drives me crazy. He is whiny and self-centered, and I can’t stand to watch when he’s on.

These kids are minor leaguers compared to Dennis (played by Jay North) on “Dennis the Menace”. The entire character’s existence is on being as annoying or clueless as possible.

Oh god yes, though technically he’s now an adult. Now he’s just another whiny self-centered adult on that show, joining Sanchez, Flynn, Provenza, and, to some extent, Raydor. With Brenda Leigh being the prototype.

For other shows, I’d vote Axl on The Middle. Sometimes I want to slap him. They can build monuments to his self-centeredness.

Cousin Oliver

Timmy Martin on Lassie.

Will and Penny Robinson.

Cindy Brady.

Danny Partridge.

Richie on the Dick Van Dyke Show. He was a lousy actor and shouted every one of his lines.

The Cosby kids. Entitled, self important, whiny, bratty…

Looking back at the show, while the characters were entertaining enough within the confines of the episodes, each and every one of them would be a total pain to be around

I didn’t mind any of the kids on the Cosby Show except Olivia. she was the worst

and she was only brought in to be the forced “cute kid” meme

Buffy on Family Affair. She was annoying as was her stupid doll Mrs. Beasley. Not only that, she stole screen time from Cissy.

Any of the Bradys except Marcia.

Nicholas Bradford.

Mike Jones from Mayberry RFD.

Julie from One Day At A Time stole precious screen time from Valerie Bertinelli.

Corey from Julia and his little shit friend Earl J Waggedorn.

Tommy from Alice

I second this. I liked it during its first run but somewhere along the way I grew to hate all the female characters, including Mrs. Huxtable.

The twin boys on Everybody Loves Raymondjust seemed stupid and (I know it’s mean to say) particularly homely. The girl was annoying at first but got a bit better by the last seasons. Even worse was Patricia Heaton’s interaction with them. I’ll watch pretty much any rerun of the show unless it’s from the first season. Once they cut down on stories about the kids and we didn’t have to see PH in “mom mode” all the time, things got a lot better on that show.

All of them.

I didn’t like Claire Huxtable because she never let Cliff eat sandwiches and potato chips

I know, right! At the time, I thought she was this smart, in control lady but for some reason she now strikes me as a shrew.

Claire Huxtable was an annoying TV kid? :dubious:

I can’t believe it took so long to hit the real answer!

But a few to add to the list of actual characters…
That little brat on Diff’rent Strokes (brought in when Arnold was too old to be cute, I guess.)

Ditto for that little bastard on Family Ties

As for Cosby Kids, the ONLY one I liked was the oldest daughter (Sandra, I think) who was basically invisible in the series, like Chuck/Frank in Happy Days.

I don’t watch the show but catch enough in pro mos and when I’m someplace where others are, but every time I’ve seen the girl adopted by the gay couple in “Modern Family” is an absolute brat. Every time.

Hey, now…that’s where I first fell in lust with Lisa Bonet.

Every single kid in Disney Channel’s sitcoms.

I can never understand why people always blame “Cousin Oliver” from the “Brady Bunch” when Ricky Seagull from “The Partridge Family” was easily a million times worse.