Most Beautiful Cities In the World

What cities do you think are the most beautiful in the world? This means only present-day cities so no Imperial Rome or pre-war Berlin or whatnot.

Due to my lack of international travel I will withhold judgement.

Prague. Nothing else like it.

Munich, Seattle, Barcelona, San Francisco, Chicago, Cologne, Prague, New Orleans (French Quarter), Brussels, Vancouver, Sydney…

Like you, I am not particularly well-travelled, but I would nominateVictoria BC. Perhaps not world-class, but IMHO the most attractive city in North America.

Annecy, in France.

Paris. Washington D.C. in the main government areas. New Orleans in the Garden District and French Quarter. Venice. I would call cities like New York and Chicago striking but not pretty.

There are a few towns like Woodstock, VT that are bowl you over pretty but those aren’t cities.

I liked my visit to Paris, but for a number of reasons, I couldn’t see myself living there. Lack of physical beauty was not one of these reasons. That place is freaking gorgeous.

Budapest is quite pretty in a similar way. When I first went to Budapest, I heard the descriptor “little Paris on the Danube.” Only years later when I went to Paris, did I find this to be true, because:

  1. They are pretty in a very similar way, but
  2. Paris is 5 times as much.

As far as the US: Chicago, San Antonio, New Orleans, what else? I personally find Baltimore and Pittsburgh to be beautiful.

I love NYC, but it ain’t pretty.

Also, Salisbury and Canterbury (England) are quite nice.

Vancouver BC.
San Fancisco.

Kyoto has to be somewhere in the top 10

Prague is up there for sure. I was amazed at how beautiful it was when I visited years ago, and can’t wait to have a chance to return.

I love Brighton, UK, and I’m obviously biased when I toss Montreal onto the list.


You didn’t say which world.

I’m not well travelled either, but I’ll contribute some.

I would agree that Victoria is the most beautiful Canadian city (and I’ve been to a lot of Canada)

I haven’t been to much of the US, but I really liked Seattle, even though I only saw about 3 blocks of it (around the train station) for four hours once. (This isn’t counting the time we drove through Seattle without stopping). For a city to leave an impression on me with that little exposure counts for something.

We stayed overnight once at a friend’s place in Portland, OR, and I was also impressed by that city, the beauty, the attractions, everything.

I guess cities’ attractiveness increases the closer you are to the Pacific Ocean (at least for North America).

For major/noteworthy European cities, I’ve been to Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Athens, Istanbul, Vienna, Prague, Geneva, Munich, Berlin, and London.

While it is a cliche, I’d say Paris takes the cake, with Rome, Venice and Prague in hot pursuit.

For North American cities, I’d give it to Vancouver: Modern and clean and sandwiched between the ocean, mountains, and lush rainforest.

In the Middle East I’ve been to Istanbul, Aleppo, Damascus, Beirut, Tripoli (Lebanon), Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Amman, Luxor, and Aswan. Istanbul can be quite beautiful but nothing beats Cairo for its scale and mesmerizing energy.

I used to live in Victoria, BC and I would have to agree that it is the best city in Canada in which to live. It has the mildest climate in Canada, it’s beautiful and clean, on the ocean, and it is just the right size: Big enough to offer plenty to do, but not so big that traffic and parking are insane. It is on an island however, and that can be very inconvenient should you need to get off the island in the middle of the night. Like if your nephew dies in a car accident, for instance.

Locally? Grand Marais, MN

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India is amazing in a way that pictures don’t really capture.

Bruges, Belgium is charming and while not beautiful, it’s humbly stunning.

Prague and Barcelona are the two international cities on my list.

Québec City, QC is the most beautiful city I’ve actually seen.

I have to second beautiful Quebec City. Outstandingly beautiful. Montreal is also wonderfully lovely in a different way.

In Europe? You can’t beat beautiful St. Petersburg.

Paris. When I was there I was thinking, “this is easily the most beautiful city I’ve sever seen.” I haven’t had that thought anywhere else.

Prague, but I’m admittedly very biased in that regard.

ETA: When I visited Dresden what I saw that wasn’t destroyed was stunning.

Cape Town, South Africa

I think the most beautiful city I’ve been to is Venice. Found Paris to be dull and not terribly attractive, although it might have been the glum weather at the time.

FWIW I am from San Francisco and don’t think it’s particularly beautiful, although it has some very scenic views. When you’re just puttering around town it’s not very exciting.