Most believable, realistic, or just favorite Dream Sequences

Can be from movies, TV, theater, literature, or other.

I’ll open with three:
ROSEMARY’S BABY: Rosemary’s dreams are excellent- the first one in which Minnie Kastevet (Ruth Gordon- the original Wacky Neighbor from Hell) is arguing with her husband, Rosemary hears them through the wall as she’s drifting to sleep, and Minnie and Roman’s argument infiltrates Rosemary’s dream- Minnie becomes a nun while the window’s being bricked but the dialogue is the same as the argument. Of course the BIG one is the conception scene: Hutch (Maurice Evans) being barred from the Catholics Only cruise that includes JFK, the Pope asking if she’s recovered from being “bitten by a mouse” (a pun from earlier in the movie for those who haven’t seen it), and the conception itself all interweaving.
BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER- Their dream episode had some of my favorite and most realistic dreams. Among them was Buffy being backstage when a group of kids running around in cowboy and Indian outfits were preparing for their production of DEATH OF A SALESMAN, which in the dream made perfect sense- I’ve had many like that. And of course you get to hear Giles sing about his sofa.

MAD MEN- earlier this season; while going (not gently) into that good 1963 anesthesia to give birth Betty dreams of her recently deceased father, now a janitor and back from the dead but “it’s a secret” and working in her home, while her (even deader) mother nurses the recently murdered Medgar Evers at the kitchen table and uses him to tell Betts to not rock the boat. (As with the rendition of Don McLean’s BABYLON being so beautiful that I won’t question how it could be sung in a bar 12 years before it was written, the dream was so perfect in its believable unbelievability dreamlike I won’t question how in the same episode Betty and Don’s daughter is in school two weeks after Medgar Evers was killed considering that he was killed in mid June.;))

What are some of yours?

(My least favorite incidentally: the dream ballet sequence in OKLAHOMA.)