Most *deserved* beating/thrashing in Cinema? (SPOILERS)

We’ve all seen movies that feature character so evil, so awful, that the audience just wishes that they (the character) would get violently trounced onscreen.

And sometimes, just sometimes, the movie delivers.

So I ask you, fellow dopers…which movies feature the most deserved beating up/thrashing of a character?

It doesn’t have to be a fatal beating. Only that the person being attacked has to really deserve it (like a villain), or be so irritating that the audience thinks they deserve it, if not the filmmakers. Jar Jar Binks would count for the latter, if it ever happened to him.

Boggs, in The Shawshank Redemption.
He wasn’t killed, but he did spend the rest of his life eating through a straw.

Commodus in Gladiator.
'Nuff said.
And, as a bonus…I’ve decided that TV characters can be included, too. Seeing as how deserved TV character trouncings just aren’t very common at all.

I’ll nominate Tara, a minor character from Xena, in this category. I never could stand her. (Gabrielle did beat her up once, right?)
Gentlemen, let the games begin.

A very ambiguous beating, but I swear I think I would have done the same thing:

The end of Oleanna.

George McFly decking Biff in Back To The Future

And of course the whole “My name is Inigo Montoya” scene

Agent Smith from The Matrix

[li] Archibald Cunningham - Rob Roy[/li][li] The guy in the Diner - Superman II[/li][li] The Emperor - Return of the Jedi[/li][li] Chong Li - Bloodsport[/li][/ul]

A few in The Sopranos, notably

I hear in Season 4, Ralphie gets whacked. I can’t wait. I may pee myself with excitement.

The fax machine in Office Space.
If you didn’t laugh at the gangster style beat down you have no soul.

The hillbillies in Pulp Fiction.

Alonzo in Training Day.

I wish I could include Bester from B5 but as far as I know he never got his ass kicked.

Carlo in The Godfather

Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Randal in Clerks.

Greedo in Star Wars. After all, he did shoot first.

(g, d & r)

The abusive bastard stepfather Daddy Glenn in Bastard out of California. I just wish they’d have done it a lot sooner and killed him.

That’s Bastard out of Carolina. Wow! Sleep deprivation and a recall election can really foul up one’s typing.

Sean Penn in U-Turn.

Gotta second Nurse Rachet… my mom actually stood up in the middle of the movie theater and yelled “Kill the bitch!” That’s some damn fine acting/directing.

Glenn Close’s character in Fatal Attraction; when Michael Douglas shows up at her apartment and they go a few rounds… damn.

Creepy Abusive Dad from season 2 of 24, who first gets clocked by Kim holding a crowbar, and then later gets karate-kicked by Kim’s boyfriend.

Michael Keaton’s psycho character in Pacific Heights. He had it coming.

Raoul in Panic Room. He’s evil for the first 2/3 of the movie, then it seems like he just gets tortured for the rest of it. Satisfying.

Tim Robbins’ character in High Fidelity getting hit with an air conditioner, albeit in a fantasy, was fantastic.

The DA in L. A. Confidential. Gets his head bashed into the mirror, then shoved down the toilet, then is dangled from the window. Boy, did he have it coming!

Agent Norman Stansfield [Gary Oldman] from Leon, The Professional. The bastard deserved the punishment for killing the main character, and thereby insuring a sad absence of a sequel.

John Doe [Kevin spacey] from Seven. He knew he had it coming, I knew he had it coming, but It was sheer bliss that Hollywood decided he had it coming to.