Most despised US politician [current] ?

As MPSIMS seems to allow odd lists, I’m curious about politicians (other than the obvious) who may be deemed truly dethpicable.

My vote: Helen Chenoweth (R-Idaho)

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Mayor McCheese. What kind of pompous, self-important bastard wears a monocle and top hat?

Jesse Helms (outside the South, particularly North Carolina). And it’s no laughing matter. :frowning:

Whaddya mean, OUTSIDE the south? A good many of us North Carolinians hate him too!

Al D’amato. I’m a republican and yet… he just seems soo… he’s such a … politician.

Hey, thanks!! I’m glad to see Helms isn’t universally revered as a god by his own constituents! Although he may never take the hint…

PapaBear you crack me up! My vote (now there’s a pun!) is for Orrin Hatch. Why? I write letters about issues and he sends back a letter thanking me for supporting his view when I WASN’T! Obviously he doesn’t read his mail!

Newt Gingrich and Al D’amato are both hypocritical scum, but fortunately for the republic (and the Republicans) neither is a current politician. So Helms, for this one time only, gets my vote also.

I agree on Orrin Hatch and Jesse Helms. Add to the list Pat Buchanan (if he counts) and Strom Thurmond, although he’ll be dead soon.

Thanks, good start. I had been wondering, well, I know the “dark side” of any given politician in my district, and some real obvious national characters (Helms, D’Amato), but little about all those “nameless” congresspersons with votes on important committees. I don’t know them other than as an occasional name in the paper, and wondered which were, uh, dethpicable.

No one told me about Al & Jesse et al. twenty years ago, but I imagine someone musta recognized their potential.

Chenoweth came to mind as the darling of the Idaho panhandle and the fear-of-black-helicopter crowd there. Got re-elected, too.

Pat Buchanan. If that racist, sexist, Holocaust-denying fruitcake gets elected President, I’m moving to Canada.

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Hands down, Jesse Jackson. Hes a disingenuous, mugging for the camera, hypocritical bastard.

I agree with those of you who said Newt Gingrich, but I definitely think Hillary Clinton, now that she can genuinely be considered a politician in her own right, is riding up quickly to the top of that list. She is such a blatant phony.

Chaim Mattis Keller

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– Douglas Adams’s Dirk Gently, Holistic Detective

I’d say the list of nominees here says a lot about the political affiliations of the average poster.

I can’t believe that no one has nominated our current Adulterer-in-Chief – if not for his “private” behavior then for his willingness to sacrifice his family, friends, enemies, associates, the general public, Sudanese aspirin factories and the nation of Yugoslavia to try to maintain his popularity.

Having exposed my political affiliations I would like to balance things a little by also offering George Nethercutt (R-Washington) as a contender. He defeated then Speaker of the House Tom Foley by supporting term limits, but now that his limit has arrived he’s saying exactly the same things Foley did about experience counting and I can serve you better now, etc.

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Al Gore, he cries in front of millions saying that his sister got cancer from cigs, but fails to mention the the Gore family money originally came from tobacco farming. He is, as Imus puts it, a war criminal.

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Although Dan Quayle seems not to have a chance this time, I’d include him here. I too am from Indianapolis, and according to some of my relatives there, Quayle used the news media, in central Indiana, owned by his grandfather’s family, to defeat the popular senator Birch Bayh in the 1980 U. S. Senatorial election in Indiana. I don’t fret much about him being in the National Guard–anyone old enough to remember the late 60s knows the Guard wasn’t sitting on their hands then. (there were riots in many U. S. cities in the late 60s, motivated by reactions to racism, by Vietnam, or any number of other things; there were widespread riots after the assassination of Martin Luther Kintg in 1968.) So unless Quayle got a “desk job” in the Guard, I’d guess he kept busy.
His use of the mews media his relatives owned to win an election, however, is inexcusable.

My vote is for Bill Clinton-hands down!
People tolerate him now , because the economy is good, but just wait til the downturn…then every sordid detail of his rotten life will come out.
I also understand he has a ton of lawsuits against him waiting for when he becomes a private citizen…keep those contributions (to his legal defense fund) coming!

pluto, I assumed the question was who is the most despised in the eyes of the American public at large. For the record, I think Bill Clinton is a horrible person, a genuine felon, and undeserving of his current office.

Chaim Mattis Keller

I have a local politician I would like to nominate for most despicable. The Mayor of Toledo, Ohio, Carty Finkbeiner.

We were planning an airport expansion here and Toledoans were concerned about the increased noise. This jackass actually said we ought to move deaf people near the airport. They wouldn’t be affected nearly as much. I believe this statement also made the national news at one time.

But wait, the story gets better. For this faux pas, he was included in a book about the 100 dumbest ideas floated by politicians. It was reported in The Toledo Blade and the writer asked him how he felt about inclusion in the book. Carty replied, (and this is a direct quote from the newspaper) “I don’t have time for that foolishness.” The article went on to say that Carty declined to answer any other questions as he was on his way to an awards dinner for, get this, “The Distinguished Clown Association.”

Fortunately, we have a mayoral term limit here in Toledo. This guy’s out in 2000.

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Can Democrats match the record of these Republican presidents?
Warren G. Harding–Nan Britton; Teapot Dome; Harry Daugherty
Calvin Coolidge–“The business of America is business.” He stood by, allowed a laissez-fair attitude toward the private sector; what with stock manipulation and margin buying, for example, the U. S. economy went straight down the toilet.
Dwight D. Eisenhower–“proved we don’t need a president,” said Mort Sahl.
Richard M. Nixon–“Well, I am * not * a crook!”
Gerald Ford–“I beg your pardon.” “There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe…”(DUHH!!)
Ronald Reagan–Racism, cutbacks, Ollie North; “the bombing begins in five minutes.” After the SLA kidnapped Patty Hearst and demanded as ransom free food for the needy, Ronnie said we should “have an epidemic of botulism.”
George Bush–“Read my lips–no new taxes!” (Har-dee-har-har!!)