Most disturbing death scene


I saw Nurse Betty the other day, and I can’t get the end outta my head. The way Chris Rock is screaming “Daddy” and then the second gun shot. Good Lord! This has completely freaked me out. Anyone else affected like this by this movie? Or by another?

The ending of “Angels with Dirty Faces.” Yep, I’m easily manipulated, shuddup. It’s your basic gangster/crime flick, better than most but not that different from the others of that era, until Jimmy Cagney is lead to the electric chair. They only show his silhoutted form as he “freaks out”, screaming in a way that brings gooseflesh to my arms every time. For a moment it’s like you’re watching a completely different, much darker movie.

Maybe this one shouldn’t count, but the scene in The Abyss where Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio allows herself to drown always freaked me out.

The look of panic as the reality of the situation closed in on her was very scary. I remember the first time I saw the film, the person I was with had a very bad reaction to that scene, having had a near drowning experience herself.

Don’t Look Now. If youve seen it, you know what I’m talking about. Good god. That, and the end of Beautiful Creatures.

I got the impression he did that so that the newspapers would say he died screaming for mercy, so those kids would read it and decide not to follow a life of crime. There seemed to be a couple of clues that he’s going to do that.

Dancer in the Dark has two, count 'em two of the most disturbing death scenes ever. This from a musical.

I haven’t see too many movies but I know I’m not the only one frightened by that scene in The Green Mileshudder…you know which one I’m talking about…
Oh, and I agree with grendel…some scenes stayed in my subconcious for a looong time and played with my dreams…
Both movies made me cry a little, though for slightly different reasons.

:eek: Yes I know I am overly susceptable to fear…:eek:


The zombies have captured a soldier and start dismembering him alive.

One has its fingers shoved all the way into the soldier’s eye sockets while others are tearing apart his throat.

He’s screaming all the while.

As the last bits of meat are torn from his neck and the zombie pulling at his head, the soldier’s screams are sent ultrasonic by the vocal cords stretched tight as a guitar string…until the head pops off.

And the mouth is STILL silently screaming!

I’d like to nominate a scene towards the end of Nowhere (sequel to The Doom Generation) in which one party going teen beats another to death with a can of soup. That one is hard to get out of your head, let me tell you.

This is so easy- American History X. If you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about.

Nightmares (shiver shiver).

The final scene in Spoorloos (1988) (English title: “The Vanishing”). Be sure to get the Dutch version, not the 1993 American remake.


What Coldie said, with emphasis.

Apart from that, I shudder at the memory of one of the deaths in the (pretty unremarkable) Volcano - the one with Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche. There’s a scene where a transport official, just your average management type, saves the unconscious driver of an underground train by throwing him across lava to other rescuers. Only, he has to stand in the lava to do it – and then slowly collapses, screaming, into it.

The most horrifying death scene I ever saw on film was in the movie The Twilight Zone, where Vic Morrow, Rene Chen, and Myca Dinh Le were smashed to bits by helicopter blades.
Oh oops, that wasn’t in the movie because it was REAL. John Landis should have served jail time for those deaths.

I’m not much of a movie-watcher, but the freakiest death scene I ever saw was the scene in Congo where the guy runs into the cave, gaping cavity in his chest where his heart once was, and slowly collapses before his partners, screaming for help. I’m shivering a bit as I type this.

I do not want to die like that…

Well Schindlers List has several chilling death scenes.

The big round up was pretty tough.

There are a few deaths in Empire of the Sun that were pretty freaky. Especially the one where Malkovic is stripping a womans body of her shoes while her kids watch.
Then of course there is Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, The Cook, The Theif, His Wife and Her Lover.

But for me the worst is the opeing scene in Man Bites Dog.

Saving Private Ryan SPOILERS*

Well, there are several to choose from of course.
The one that got to me, and most folks I talked with was toward the end.

The Jewish soldier is wrestling with the German soldier in the abandoned building. (The other American soldier is immobilized by fear/cowardice/shock…open to interpretation.)

Anyway, the German soldier is on top and he slowly inserts his knife into the American all the while saying “shhh…” and almost beckoning the soldier to accept his fate.

While most other scenes of this type usually have the victor screaming words along the line of “Die you stinking bastard!” this one portrays an opposite emotion. Genuinely creeped me out.

All of the above are pretty horrifying, but what sticks out in my menory are the strangulation scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s Frenzy, and when Liv Ullman beats a man to death before he can cry out and alert his fellow enemy agents in Torn Curtain.

SPOILERS of The Godfather and Part II

I think Sonny’s death in The Godfather is pretty creepy. As is Fredo’s in The Godfather Part II, and you don’t even see his death. It’s implied. The creepy thing about Fredo is you know his death is coming.

Spoiler Space

Joaquin Phoenix’s execution in Return to Paradise is pretty disturbing, only because the movie conditions you not to expect it, or to expect a deus ex machina ending. Instead, it hits you with both barrels.

Also, in David Cronenberg’s Shivers, near the beginning, a doctor kills a teenage girl, slices her open, pours acid into her body, then cuts his own throat. Very freaky.

I second this emphatically. And I couldn’t even describe it to you because I’d throw up in the middle of it. You’ll just have to take our word for it