Most effective legal OTC stimulant?

I’ve always been an ephendrine man, but I have to admit that I was rather impressed when I tried Red Bull for the first time a few weeks ago.

I mean, I wasn’t as impressed as I was when I drove perfectly, and at the precise speed limit, for 21 hours straight on $15 worth of methamphetamine, but this thread is devoted to legal drugs. Besides, meth is shit; I’d never do it again unless similar circumstances arose.

So, what are your legal stimulant preferences?

I discivered caffeine pills in college. I found them quite sufficient.

I discovered last time I had a cold that non-drowsy Contac C prevents me from, well, getting drowsy! For 24 hours! You can’t catch a buzz from it. But my sleeping patterns are screwed up from time to time, and if I take two before I go to work, I won’t be tired all day, and I won’t need a nap in the evening. And I won’t have to blow my nose, even once.

I do not advocate taking medicine for other than its intended purpose. It’s nothing like Benzedrine, but it keeps me awake.

I restrict myself to caffeine, in liquid form, but it’s always been sufficiently effective for me.

The old Dayquil (with pseudophedrine) works wonders for me. I don’t use it much for fear of building up a tolerance or (worse) dependency, but I freely confess to having used a gel cap now and again to stay on top of things for a final or midterm.

I seem to be particularly sensitive to it; most of my friends don’t get as much effect.

Two Excedrin on an empty stomach does it for me.

I’m up! I’m up!

Ephedrine…hands down.

for me, anyway.

Red Bulls give you wings.
A few years back I drove from 4 AM (after 3 hours sleep) till 9 PM with the help of Red Bulls.
Works for me.