Most Egregious Political Hypocrisy

Lawyer takes money from client and tries to convince Clinton to give his client a pardon. Clinton most likely influenced. Result: moral outrage from members of Congress. Lobbyist (lawyer) takes money from special interest group and tries to convince members of Congress to pass laws benefitial to the special interest group. Congress most likely influenced. Consensus? Business as usual in D.C.

This is my choice for Most Egregious Political Hypocrisy (MEPH). What’s yours?

I’d still have to choose George W. Bush’s “I trust people, not the government – but not to count ballots” Florida spin. Though choosing just one of “President” Dubya’s twists is very difficult…

Oh, there are hosts of stories that make various and sundry politicos appear hypocritical, but my favorites are:

  1. Ted Kennedy voted against Defense Secretary nominee John Tower on the grounds that drunken womanizers can’t be trusted with important offices.

  2. The two most die-hard segregationists in the Senate, John Stennis and former Klansman Robert Byrd, voted against Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork on the grounds that he wasn’t sensitive enough to the needs of African-Americans.

George Will’s column in Newsweek this week, in which he proposes that campaign finance reform is a perversion of James Madison’s political philosophy.

It seems like whenever people get money, they forget what it’s like to NOT have it. They develop incredible amnesia about what it’s like to be disenfranchised.

Jebby Bush, and his Republican Party cronies that control both houses of the Fla. Legislature:

a] Dismantling the state’s growth management laws, these decisions are best left to local gov’t - [sub]Developers are big contributors to GOP candidates.[/sub]

b] A bill making its way thru the Legislature would overturn local ordinances limiting, and removing, billboards from the state’s highways, * the locals can’t be trusted with this type of regulation within their borders* - [sub]the Billboard companies are big contributors to GOP candidates.[/sub]

a] Giving vouchers to students in schools with low test scores. * Low test scores are a scandal!*

b] Not requiring the private schools the voucher-kids go to, to employ the same standardized tests. * Competition will force them to have high quality;* of course we may not know they suck until Johnny can’t meet the entrance requirements at the local junior college. (Disclaimer - PlanDaughter is about to graduate from a really good private high school)

Reagan claiming that they were fighting for democracy in Latin America-while supporting fascist tyrants.

Nixon saying, “I am not a crook.” I mean, come on!

George H.W. Bush, looking for moral justification to start Operation Desert Shield / Storm.

First, he visited the head of his own church for spiritual guidance. Bush Sr. is an Episcopalian, so the head of his church was the Presiding Bishop of the Epis. Church in the USA. (Sorry, I forget the name of the office holder at that time.)

The Presiding Bishop said, “No way” and refused to offer his pastoral blessing for Desert Shield / Desert Storm. Whoops!

So to supplement his own bishop’s advice, Bush then went to Billy Graham. Billy said, predictably, “Bomb 'em.”

Having received the spiritual guidance he needed, Bush proceeded to start the war.

Jesse Jackson counseling Bill Clinton on his (their) infidelity. Talk about the blind leading the blind! At least it all was in terms that Clinton readily understood.

Shrub claiming to be “A uniter, not a divider…” and then appointing some of the more rabid individuals that Washington has seen of late.