Most embarassing celebrity endorsement

Watching TV this morning I saw a commercial for Life Lock, that low rent identity theft preventor. What surprised me was that Rudy Giuliani is now their spokesman! What celebrity endorsement really makes you feel sorry for the person?

Bob Dole and Viagra was pretty hard to watch

Tony Siragusa, NFL player, Football commentator and Depends pitch man

At least you knew it was working.

That Cher infomercial for hair are back in the 90s.

Joe Namath advertising pantyhose is the first thing that comes to mind. I guess it was meant to be funny, but I find it more embarrassing than anything.

I honestly thought that this thread was opened to decry Honda’s decision to hire Michael Bolton in their cringe-worthy ads.

Sally Struthers…anything she ever pitched. I think the worst was for some correspondence trade school, where she had to name all the programs offered as they scrolled onscreen. She looked sad when she was happy, but looked suicidal lowering herself to that.

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Not really endorsements per se; more like warnings, but Yul Brynner and William Talman (1915–1968) and their anti-smoking pitches. Likely others were in on that campaign, too, but those two stood out as prime examples.

Mr. T did some local ads for some shitty payday lender or pawn shop a few years ago.

Some former Miss America/actress did one of the first Depends ads in the 80s. I recall it as being pretty cringe worthy.

I mainly remember June Allyson from Depends ads. When I saw “The Glenn Miller Story”, I was stunned a woman that beautiful and classy was stuck doing adult diaper commercials.

Sam Waterston for Old Glory robot insurance (be sure to read the text in the corner at the end):

I’d call that more gutsy than embarassing.

Actually, I think it was far more embarassing for Honda.

Muhammad Ali and D-Con Roach Traps.

Second place: Brenda Vaccaro and Tampax.

Dick Butkus for the newspaper-burning barbecue grill.

Robert Vaughn did commercial wrap-arounds for a number of personal injury lawyers.

Former Dallas Cowboys coach and current NFL talking head Jimmy Johnson. For Extenze, the male-enhancement pill.

Yeah, but afterwards, the Pepsi commercial was hilarious!

William Shatner did a few of those, too.