Most environmentally friendly computer manufacturer?

I have a friend who is obsessed with buying the greenest PC (sorry, no Macs) available, and so we’re on a quest to find this paragon of ecologically-conscious computing. Anyone have any ideas? I tried googling, and all I can find is a page from 2002 saying that NEC had an “eco” line - I suspect that things might have changed a lot in 4 years. Does anyone have anywhere I can go for resources, or suggest manufacturers?

I’d suggest buying a used computer. I’d think that would be greener than any new computer out there.

Any computer is pretty much a hodgepodge of parts from lots of different manufacturers. Dell/HP/whoever just take those all and put them togather. So pretty much you would need to figure out the “cleanest” of the part makers and then scrounge out all the parts yourself and make it and hope it worked. And I’m not sure that clean manufacture is yet a real worry for any of the part manufacturers (probably largely running that part of the operation in China.)

In reality, probably the best you can do is look about to see which company will take the computer back after you are done to dispose of it safely. I’m relatively sure I have heard that this is something that they have started to do and which is a pretty big step.

I cannot advise you on which PC is greenest, but get an LCD instead of a monitor. You should be able to fine a low wattage LCD that can save a lot of electricity over its life.
If you buy a printer be aware of sleep mode wattage draw. I bought my Network Color Laser as the sleep mode was .2 amps. What I bought was the Konica Minolta 2300DL
For Energy consumption a laptop would be better than a PC.

Here is the Dell Page on their recycling.

Here is a list of others.

I found this very dated article I read years ago. In Search of the Green PC