Most Expensive Prescription Drug

The most expensive I came across today was a 30 day-supply of Zyvox, running $4559.99 for 60 pills.

Imitrex, while it might seem pricey, isn’t even in the same ballpark as things like Vancomycin, Zyvox, Lovenox, Enbrel. Literally hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on stuff like that.

The most expensive drug I give rotuinely is IVIG at perhaps $5000 a dose, for people with ITP.

60 doses of Imitrex would be $5400.
But Enbrel comes in at $208 per dose, that would be over $12k for 60 doses.

So am I to deduce that you are Moon Unit Zappa’s mom?

If I recall correctly, she’s got a kid named Dweezil.

No, not the IRL one. Mama Zappa is a username, and Moon Unit is how the user refers to her daughter, who is not the actual Moon Unit Zappa.

WhyBaby (see, many of us have clever-clever references to our kids based on our usernames - I find it less monotonous than “my infant daughter” over and over again, although I understand it annoys some people) also had the surfactant, and I think it was one of her more expensive NICU drugs. We were pretty lucky to not have a lot of problems there.

Her first winter we did get her RSV immunizations - an actual shot of real antibodies, not a vaccine - and that’s $1200 a shot, once a month from September to April or something like that. That *wasn’t *covered by insurance. Ouch. We were on the borderline for the recommendation to get it for her second winter, but we just couldn’t afford it, so we crossed our fingers and kept her playmates down to a bare minimum until RSV season was over.