Most "homogeneous" country in the world?

So I posed a similar question in GQ recently, asking about the most racially homogeneous society in the world, knowing that there was some gray area as to where a race ends and another begins. But, even that doesn’t get to my question. I’m trying to figure out what country in the world has the most homogeneous society (still vague, I know). For example, many African countries are probably quite racially homogeneous, but there are tribal/linguistic/traditional differences between the people’s of those countries.

The criteria I can come up with would be a place where most of the people
[li]look very similar[/li][li]practice the same or similar religion and traditions[/li][li]speak the same language[/li][/ul]

If there is any other criteria I might have missed, feel free to debate that, or if the criteria I’ve presented is faulty in some way.

My guess is still Korea.

Vatican City.



I guess a criteria should be, oh say a million population?

I dunno the population, but I’d say Finland would have around 20 million.

Okay…let’s say, for the sake of debate, that the population is more than 500,000 people…

Iceland. Definitely not Greenland. But Iceland.

Hah, I was just about to say that, but the pop. is only 300,000 and a bit.

How about, Solomon Islands?
Why yes, I did just look at the wiki article for ‘List of countries by population’, and I am drunk, kind of you to notice.

I would guess Korea, also. Not just racially, but also for language and culture.

But not for religion.

My money is with North Korea. Wouldn’t Iceland be up there, too?

Not quite, more like 5.3 million :slight_smile:

Finland has Lapps and Swedes and Russians, which are of a different ethnicity, religion and language. Denmark used to be very homogenous, so much that it is often referred to as a tribe rather than a nation. Some have speculated that the Scandinavian welfare model is built on the very homogenous Scandinavian countries.