Most iconic samples

The “remakes you didn’t know were remakes” thread mentioned famous songs that sample obscure ones. That got me thinking about the most iconic samples, the ones that appear in numerous tracks although virtually no one knew the original song. For example, remember that hi-hat sound that appeared all the time around 1990? The one that appeared in songs from “Girl You Know It’s True” to “Set Adrift On Memory Bliss”? Well here it is at 3:31. What other samples have been used multiple times in various songs?

Ice Ice Baby.

Sorry, I read the thread title and posted before reading the whole OP. I don’t think my suggestion counts.

There is a sound that has been sampled to death, and I don’t know it’s origin. It was everywhere in the 90’s. I call it Hamster Being Punched In The Gut. It’s a single syllable, kind of a shout, kind of a surprised shriek, sounds to me like a critter losing it’s wind.
I will look for examples…

The Amen Break, probably the most commonly sampled drum beat in hip-hop history. Trivia note: neither the original writer nor performer ever earned any royalties from its use.

The “Yeah! Woo!” break from Lyn Collins’ “Think (About It)”

List of songs sampling it from Wikipedia (most famous example probably being “It Takes Two” by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock):!_Woo!

I would’ve said Apache, by the Incredible Bongo Band:

Here is a brief webpage about that sample, with a list of some other songs that used it:

I thought it was originally from a James Brown song. Turns out that we’re both right: James Brown wrote and produced “Think About It.”

My first thought was the Amen break, and, of course, The Funky Drummer break. I can’t imagine any other sample beating out either of those two.

I just stopped by to note I recently read that Phil Collins “Gated drum sound” defined the 80’s. I have to completely disagree. If we stick to ‘just drums’, then it would be electronic drums such as heard on The Cars “Heartbeat City” album. Or that ‘pong’ sound heard on Ultravox’s We Came To Dance

I don’t remember hearing much gated drum outside Phil Collins, that includes of course his appearances on a Frida and also on a Peter Gabriel album.

Sorry, it doesn’t meet the OP’s definition but this sampled this. Bizarre.