Most interesting money you've received lately?

I managed to get three Eisenhower dollar coins the last time I went to the bank. I don’t think I have seen any of them in years.

A few weeks ago, I got $20 in half dollars from a local bank. One whole roll was all Ben Franklin halves, and the other roll was all the first year of Kennedy halves. Of course, I did not spend those. But I did turn them in to a coin dealer for quite a substantial profit over face value. :wink:

Two years after ending the service, recently received an electric company refund check issued to my father’s estate for $3.25. And since it counts as inheritance money, it was subsequently split between three people.

Nothing recently. I think the last surprise I got was a 1935 Buffalo Nickel in vending machine change, but that was years ago.

I recently got a Chinese 50 cent piece that has an exchange rate of $7.00. I got $200.00 for selling my ex wifes car for her. My son found I have about $900.00 in unclaimed money from an old bank account. I have another unknown amount below 500.00 from an unknown source that I can’t apply for until May of this year.

Tuppence in my change. How, I have no idea.

Now, do I invest it in railways through Africa, or do I feed the birds?

Decisions, decisions…

Got a 500,000,000,000 Dinar Bank of Yugoslavia note from a friend yesterday. A mutual Army officer friend had sent it to him when he was on peacekeeping duties there during the breakup. And yes, that’s the correct number of zeros there.)

It may not be that unusual to Americans, or maybe it is, but I got a Kennedy half-dollar at the blackjack table in Las Vegas, on a recent visit.

Living in Canada, I had heard about Kennedy half-dollars, but had never seen one, except in pictures. I guess I could have bought one at a stamp-and-coin shop, but I was thrilled to win one at blackjack. I don’t plan to take it back to the US; it is part of my “Never thought I’d own this coin” collection.

Feed the birds. After all, all around the cathedral the saints and apostles look down as the bird woman sells her wares. Although you can’t see it, you know they are smiling, each time someone shows that he cares.

Hey, it’s only tuppence a bag.


Returned from Cambodia with several increased, newly minted, perfect 100 Riel notes. At 4,000 to the US dollar they were pretty hard to spend, as you’d need a boatload to even buy a coke! It was just a lot easier to use larger notes. I’m going to send them to my grandson to play with, I think!

& cursing whenever one of those flying rats shit on their shoulders.
I found $15 in the middle of my wallet when I pulled it out the other day, not where I keep bills but in the card area. Spent some of it on Irish Potatoes & put the rest into the cash part of the wallet; the birds won’t get any.

Just a wheat penny in my change. In the 5 or so years I’ve been saving them I have around 15, and looking up the rare ones it appears my collection has the grand worth of around $2!