Most mistreated Bond villain , pre Skyfall

No spoilers for Skyfall please. James Bonds adversaries routinely suffer cool and unusual ends. Which villains suffered the most.

My vote is for that Greek fellow in Casino Royale. Bond takes his car, fucks his wife and kills him, all in one night.

MOD NOTE ADDED: No spoilers for SKYFALL, but (by the nature of this topic) there will be spoilers about other Bond movies. If you don’t want to see spoilers about earlier 007 films or books, please don’t read this thread. – CKDH

Blofeld, hands down.

Fat Bastard.

Jaws, by definition (cut and pasted from Wikipedia):

Survives an Egyptian structure’s collapse on top of him

Being hit by a van, being thrown from a rapidly-moving train

Sitting in the passenger seat of a car which veers off a cliff in Sardinia and lands in a hut below

A battle underwater with a shark

The destruction of Stromberg’s lair

Survives falling several thousand feet after accidentally disabling his own parachute

A crash through a building inside a runaway cable car

Going over Iguazu Falls

I am inclined to think the guy from Goldeneye who was impaled by the telescope tower had it roughest…that was in addition to being scared for life by 007 early in his career.

Suffered the most? I’d say it was a toss-up between Anthony Zerbe that exploded in the pressure chamber in License To Kill, or the 7-Up guy from Live and Let Die that got bitten by a few dozen snakes. (I know you see him at the end but I always thought that was his ghost).

What about Kananga(Yaphet Kotto), also from Live and Let Die? He got blown up, like a balloon, after Bond forced that gas pill down his throat.

General Koskov, from The Living Daylights.

Bucking for a promotion while looking to cover up his drugs-for-arms sales, Koskov frames the head of the KGB; Bond gets sent in, kills various bad guys, destroys half-a-billion in assets, and – upon realizing the truth – simply hands Koskov to said head of said KGB, who looks forward to making Koskov fit in a diplomatic pouch.

Bond also bangs Koskov’s girlfriend, of course.

I don’t think Jaws counts as a villain. I believe his official title was “Henchman”.

I’m not sure that counts as mistreatment; he seemed to quite enjoy it.

Dr No (in the movies) can’t climb out of the boiling whatever because of his artificial hands… that’s gotta be frustrating. [Aside: in the books, he meets a different end, buried under a pile of bat shit. No foolin’.]

Actually the guy who suffers the most (in the books at least) is not a bad guy at all, but the CIA man Felix Leiter (sp). He loses a different body part in each book. A hand, an eye, an arm, etc. It got to the point of each time I picked up a new book I would wonder what would be left of Felix at the end of the book.

I’ll vote for Kananga. Being inflated like a balloon can’t be that pleasant.

A little Leiter.

Didn’t he also survive re-entry in a crashing space station in Moonraker (with his new girlfriend?)

I don’t think he did survive. He helped Bond break loose knowing they weren’t going to make it, then toasted his girl “Well, here’s to us.”

No, I’m rather certain there was a comment at the end of Moonraker that indicated that Jaws and his girlfriend survived.

My vote goes to Elliot Carver from Tomorrow Never Dies - ground up by a “sea drill”, and, in a recurring theme, cuckolded by Bond.

Colonel Scott reports picking up two survivors from the space station, a tall man and a short blonde woman.


No love for Oddjob or that lesbian Soviet Colonel?

Auric Goldfinger, sucked out the window of his private jet at 30,000 ft. That’s gotta hurt! :frowning: