Most Mundane and Pointless Dream You Have Had

What is the most mundane and pointless dream that you have had?

I think I just had mine this morning. I actually had a sort of sleepless night, which is surprising since I had pretty much no sleep at all the previous night. But my dream was just this:

I was raking leaves in the front yard.

Nothing else. It seemed to last about a half-hour of “dream time” too, and was incredibly boring. No gunbattles in the leaves, no flaming 18-wheelers careening through the leaves, no lesbian succubi coming on black wings to take me to their Pleasure Pit of Equisite Perversions. Just…raking leaves.

Well? Anyone have a more mundane and pointless dream than that?

I have dreamt that I was at work. Working.

I had this weird (but mundane) hallucination/dream this morning. Everytime the alarm clock would go off, I pictured in my mind this sixties-looking/“Fail-Safe” sort of device sitting on a card table in an empty room. The only thing in my dream that I absolutely knew was that I wasn’t suppose to touch the device. My wife kept leaning over me to hit “snooze”, which would wake me up and ruin the dream, but I’d fall back asleep again and do it all over again.
Weird, huh?

Well, the other night I had a dream where I was beating someone to death with a pool cue, and then they turned into my lovely wife. Scared the crap out of me, not so much for the content, but for the fact that it took like two hours, and I had this ho-hum attitude about the whole thing.
“Oh well, might as well bludgeon the missus, no interesting new threads.” WTF??

And then there was the dream where I woke up, turned off the alarm clock, showered, dressed for work, and was about to read the paper, when my REAL alarm clock went off, scaring me badly and leaving me tired and confused for the rest of the day. “Is this real? Am I in the Matrix?”


I am so sorry.

It reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbes Cartoon where Calvin is dreaming and says
“I think I’ll count all the rocks i can find- four billion and one, four billion and two, four billion and three…”

“Wow! I bored myself awake!”


I frequently have dreams about being late for work. Only in the dream, being late is like the worst thing in the world.

I wish I could forget this one, but I can’t. It was a dream I had about 12 years ago.

I was waiting in line at the drug store at the mall. For hours. And hours. And hours. Eventually I got the bright I idea that I didn’t really need to wait any more and I could just leave. So I did. I went next door to the restaurant and volunteered to wash their dishes. And I did. For hours. But I was happy that I didn’t have to stand in line any more.

I have work dreams ALL the time. Usually they’re not even anxiety dreams - I’m just there, waiting tables. I wake up a little and have to tell myself “no you do not need to get those people drink refills. Stop it!” Then I’m right back there describing menu items. Aaarggh!!!

I really need something else to occupy my mind. :rolleyes:

Well, I don’t usually remember my dreams, but I remember one from this morning.

I had to retrieve a poisonous snake from an island full of sleeping monkeys (chimpanzees, to be exact). I had to take a boat out to the island, get off on a creaky dock, walk along the dock and then to the center of the island where the snake was. Right before I grabbed the snake something made a noise and woke the monkeys. Had to run back to the boat.

What was amazing is that the route back to the boat was EXACTLY the same as route from the boat. The reality of my dreams isn’t usually so consistent.

But I guess that isn’t really mundane (though I don’t know why there were exactly SEVEN monkeys, or why I knew that).

The most mundane are probably pee dreams. You know where you dream you have to pee and then it is a race to see if you wake up BEFORE you start peeing in the dream. If you don’t (or at least, if I don’t) I startle awake immediately after I begin to pee in the dream. Then it is a desparate grope to make sure I didn’t start peeing for real.

Not exactly mundane, but certainly pointless:

I dreamed the other morning that myself and this other guy I didn’t know were trying to train this black panther to ride around on the back of an alligator.

There was no obvious reason for this, and we weren’t at all successful.

Several times, after I have fallen asleep while reading, I have dreamt that I have read the rest of the book. Mundane in itself, but it’s led to some interesting problems, like the time I fell asleep reading a history book, then wrote an essay using a reference to the book. Looking back at it for a page number, I couldn’t find it–then realised that I’d actually only dreamed I’d seen the reference.

Or, even better, the time I half-read a detective novel and dreamed an alternate ending. I still contend that my ending was better.

Two nights ago, I had a dream that my best friend made me and my other good friend (whom I have a massive crush on, lol), sleep in her doghouse. It’s actually a playhouse that they made for the dogs, it has heat and a/c and everything. I could live in the thing. But we were in the house, and we started making out, and then the dogs got mad and kicked us out.
I woke up really confused. I’m not sure if it was more by the fct that we were in the doghouse, or the fact that the dogs spoke, and told us to scram.

I work too much…

You know the classic show-up-to-school/work-naked dream? Well, when I first started doing a late-night show on a local community radio station, the one thing that worried me was being unable to find a song to put on next, and having to contend with dead air.

So I started having these nightmares where a song was ending, and I couldn’t find another CD in the whole studio, or all the CD cases were empty, or the CD players weren’t working right in interesting and surreal ways. I’d always wake up kind of frantic and yet disappointed at the mundane and prosaic nature of the dream. I mean, it wasn’t even symbolic of anything; it was just one of my fears, realized in full color, and rehashed on a regular basis.

So, my obliging subconscious started serving up the same dead-air dream, but now I was frantically searching the studio for a CD to play… stark naked.