Most Powerful Hollywood Couple

Who do you think is the most powerful Hollywood couple?
It used to be said that Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were.

My vote is for Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks. Power, money and stamina

I was going to suggest Hanks and Wilson. I think Willis/Moore had their day in the sun and are now on the decline.

Heaven help us if the answer becomes JLo and Ben.

Willis/Moore aren’t even a couple anymore are they? How about Catherine Zeta jones and whatshisname? Michael Douglas, yeah thats it.

I would probably go for Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. Both are extremely popular and have enormous star power and wealth. Having their own production company probably gives them a fair degree of power.

I’d say Hanks has more power than probably any actor in Hollywood but not Rita Wilson.

I’d give a notable mention to Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz. And if Tom Cruise was still with Nicole Kidman they would be the most powerful by a mile.

Rita produced (i.e., saw and convinced her production company and Tom to pick up and publicize) My Big Fat Greek Wedding. So with her production clout and Tom’s buddy relationship with Spielberg, I’d say:

#1. Hanks/Wilson
#2. Pitt/Aniston
#3. Douglas/Zeta-Jones

with a rather sizable gap between #2 and #3.

and I agree with sirtonyh on Tom and Nicole if they were still together.

I don’t see Zeta-Jones and Douglas as a powerful couple. They don’t have a production company and do not produce (to my knowledge) films.

There are a few “single” heavy hitters out there.

Penny Marshall
Melissa Joan Hart
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

I’m going to cautiously cast a vote for Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Both executive producers of new television show, “All Of Us” to debut this fall, via their own production company.

Jada Pinkett-Smith has a higher acting profile than Rita Wilson, appearing in MATRIX: RELOADED and upcoming sequel.

Will Smith is currently top of the box office for the fourth time in seven summers.

Currently filming Asimov’s I, Robot via his production company.

Both Smithes have considerable clout within ‘black’ Hollywood and Will Smith’s ties to the hip-hop music industry.

Michael Douglas does produce movies. Of course, he had a very notable career as a producer in the 70s/80s, producing One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, The China Syndrome, and Romancing the Stone.

More recently, his producer credits have been for things like the forgettable One Night at McCool’s or the Douglas home movie It Runs in the Family, but he’s still at it.

(And of course he’s executive producer on scads of things, but that’s a fairly meaningless credit.)