Most reformed sports figure.

I’d say John McEnroe. And not only because of his recent commercials. :wink:
Although I always thought he was just very enthusiastic about tennis.
Helluva player, at any rate.
Anybody watch Haas vs Blake today (Monday)? I’m not knowledgeable about the game.
Funner than golf, I must say. :eek:

In terms of public image, Muhammad Ali and George Foreman both come to mind. When people think of Ali and Foreman now, they think of the Ali the retired champ now devoted to humanitarian causes throughout the world bravely battling Parkinson’s, and “Big George” the cuddley pitchman for healthy grilling. In their heyday, though, Ali was the man they loved to hate, the trash-talking, draft-dodging Black Muslim the press called the “Louisville Lip,” and Foreman was a very uncuddley, scowling, bonecrushing, fearsome nightmare.

Yeah, I’d have to say Ali. Very scary dude, back in the day.

Jesse Ventura went from professional wrestler to governor of Minnesota.

Much as I like McEnroe as a commentator (and I enjoyed watching his tennis), I don’t think he has reformed as much as you might think. He can still be a complete jerk on the tennis court - he plays in senior tour events.

Yes, I watched some of Haas vs. Blake. There were some great points. What did you want to know?

Foreman would be my choice too. There was nothing even remotely pleasant about his old demeanor but now he just seems to be the happiest guy ever. What an amazing transition.

As a member of the Reform Party. Thus, most “reformed.” I get it.

I saw him being just as hard on himself, back in the day, as he was on the judges.
I wasn’t raised in that kind of pseudo-polite environment that was prevalent around tennis back then. Remember, he didn’t have the advantage of the magic player challenge replay as they do now. He was often correct. I understand the frustration of that.
I’m gonna have to watch for the old farts tours. Sounds like fun.
I was just commenting about the Haas/Blake contest. Stuff like that makes tennis fun to watch for know nothings like me.

The “old farts” start at age 35! Sampras is playing now. They call it the Champions Series.

When they have the close 5-setters like Blake-Haas, it can be very exciting. Blake-Santoro and Djokovic-Stepanek were also very entertaining. It’s a combination of great tennis and the atmosphere of the situation.

It is a sport for youngsters, isn’t it. At that level of play, anyway. But I see real “old farts” (like myself) play pertty good too. I’m 62, and I may take it up. After I lose about 50 lbs. Maybe doubles. :wink:
It’s amazing how little actually separates the top players.
Thanks for the link.

Back then, I’d be afraid Foreman might actually have hit me if provoked. I don’t think Ali would’ve.
Yeah, both have done real good.

Most recreational players play doubles. I have played, and lost to, players at least 70 years old.