Most ridiculous greatest hits collection?

I know that sometimes artists/bands have little control over when greatest hits cd’s are released, but it seems to me that sometimes these collections are ludicrous when there has only been one or two hits or the band/artist’s career was very short lived. So what would be your candidate for the most ridiculous greatest hits album/cd?

If anyone can come up with something more absurd than this one I will be impressed.

I was gonna say that Snow’s greatest hits album is not so crazy, he at least has two albums. When I read the date a little more closely, it was released before his last album.

I think I’ve got a winner though, I’ve got the greatest hits of Fine Young Cannibals. I have only heard of two songs on the entire album.

I suppose it’s odd to see a Greatest Hits album or CD by ? and the Mysterians, Norman Greenbaum, the Count 5, Status Quo, the Kingsmen, or any band that only had one hit single. But hey, at least those bands HAD one hit single!

What gets me is how many “Greatest Hits” collections I see by people who never even managed THAT! Like, when I’m watching TV, and see a commercial for “Jim Nabors’ Greatest Hits.”

I mean, when did Jim Nabors EVER have a hit???

Well, Jim Nabors did have 5 gold and 1 platinum album.

Britney Spears has a Greatest Hits coming out. I had assumed that this was the cause of the OP when I was reading the thread title.

And she is ?? years old?

The Kingsmen were far more than one-hit-wonders. Sheesh.

C’mon people, are we all forgetting Shaquille Oneal’s greatest hits album, which came out when he had a total of two albums and no hits? Can it get much worse than that?


'nuff said.

Maybe in the USA, but in Europe, Status Quo had a string of monster hits in the seventies (Down down, Roll over lay down being the two most succesful ones).

Arrested Development had a greatest hits album too.

John Denver’s first real hit album was his Greatest Hits album. It was a ploy by his manager, Jerry Weintraub, to get him noticed, and it worked. Within a year, he was the nations number one selling pop artist.

…and Sunshine on My Shoulders first appeared on that album. It eventually became a hit, so I guess that counts, huh?

Would you believe Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Greatest hits???

Now that’s just evil!!! :eek:

Tiny Tim (shudder)

From that link…
“Great Buy
Buy this album with Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 today!”

You have got to be kidding! Not one but two greatest hits albums? I didn’t even know they sang.

David Hasselhoff also has two “Greatest Hits” CDs.

Mullinator, the funniest thing is that on the Snow link the title says “Greatest Hit of Snow.” Hee!

98 Degrees has one coming out now :eek:

I know there is an album called: Pachelbel’s Greatest Hit containing only Canon in D.