Most ridiculous pro sports team fight songs

So, I’ve managed to talk a friend of mine, an NCAA fan, into watching the NFL with me this year. Yeah, it’s a bit late, but I’ll take what I can get.

To get interested, though, he’ll of course be needing a team to root for. He has no particular hometown loyalties, so we had to come up with a different method for him to choose which team would earn his support. Ultimately, he decided that he would base his decision on a sole criterion: he’ll be going for whichever team has the most hilariously doofy fight song.

I was quite pleased to hear this, since I figure it places my favorite team, San Diego, high in the running with San Diego Super Chargers…but, it occured to me that I don’t know what my competition is. To that end, I decided to open the question up to the Dope, and expand it to include all professional sports, so that he can know where he stands for those as well. (I don’t think he’ll be following my lead in MLB; “Meet the Mets” is a bit dated, but not particularly goofy.)

What say you? Is your team’s song the most dooftastic of them all? Nominate away!

As soon as I saw the thread title, I immediately thought of the San Diego Super Chargers.

So that’s my vote.

The Bengals “Who Dey” fight song, because the question “Who dey…who dey…who dey think gonna beat them Bengals?” in the song should be rhetorical!

Because of course, the answer to the stupid question should be “everybody”.

Everybody but Jacksonville.

I don’t know about the most ridiculous, but the Carolina Panthers song gets heavy ridicule in these parts…

Minnesota Twins, maybe. It’s a fairly wussy tune, always reminds me of Tom Lehrer’s “Fight Fiercely Harvard”. “Impress them with our prowess, do!”

Yeah well, the Sun even shines on a dog’s ass sometimes.

Even though they moved to Tennessee and changed their name, the Houston Oilers’ fight song remains the gayest ever.

never mind

It’s too bad the Hartford Whalers aren’t still around, or Brass Bonanza would be a contender. It was an instrumental, though, so if he’s looking for goofy lyrics he’d be out of luck anyway.

I’ve been an Arizona and St. Louis Football Cardinal fan for many years and I never knew the team even had a fight song.

They do

The Chicago Blackhawks “fight song”, Here Come the Hawks, was written in 1968 and performed in a fizzy, peppy easy listening style similar to Up, Up, and Away. I think it’s lame, but somebody must like it, because they’ve been playing it for forty years.

I give you the Buffalo Bills song, “Shout!”, which you might possibly recognize as being a cover version (of questionable quality) of the most overplayed oldies song in the history of rock and roll, only with some of the lyrics changed to make it be more about the Buffalo Bills, only not that many lyrics because really, why work too hard on it?

If it is not the most ridiculous, it is certainly the laziest. It’s like the football song that some guy phoned in while he was nursing a hangover. I have seen the lyrics reproduced on fan pages which boggles my mind, because WHO is out there thinking "gee, if only I knew the words to that Shout! song … "?

And Buffalo fans LOVE IT. I have seen grown men cry when it is played (probably because it’s not played very often, I guess).

I thought the “Who Dey” song was for the Saints? These teams shamelessly steal from each other all the time-the Dolphins lifted theirs from the Oilers/Titans one mentioned upthread.

I always cackled when I heard… back in the day… this little piece of ear candy courtesy of the Los Angeles Rams. My stepdad being a huge Rams fan helps.

All of them. Every single one of them.

But, if I must pick one, the Philadelphia Eagles fight song is a masterpiece of corny composition and masterful self-delusion, worse even than the Bengals song because the Philly fans actually believe year in and year out that they have a chance. It is to laugh.

In case anybody doubted me, check out the Houston Oilers song:

To be fair, the Who Dey? song wasn’t so bad that the Stealers stole/mocked it on their entire run through the playoffs in 2005/06 after assassinating Carson Palmer’s knee.

I still can’t believe Cowher pulled that out of his cash-register drawer mouth at the victory parade.

There aren’t enough rolleyes in the world for this. Years later, with visual evidence, you still believe that it was a dirty hit? You’re on crack. Of course, with you being a Bengals fan it’s easy to see why, you need the distraction from the fact that the Bengals eat it raw.

That song should be mocked, endlessly and repeatedly.

Not that it’s the official song or anything, but the Saints have one of the best songs of all time, On March The Saints by Down.

For my local I’d pick the stupid Go Cubs Go song. It just sucks really bad, and I say this as a diehard Cubs fan. The Hawks have a pretty dumb one too, but it’s old and all music sucked back then. Same with the generic college fight song that is Bear Down Chicago Bears.