Most romantic gesture from your SO?

Wednesday, after work, she meets me just outside the office. She says something about going to look at some furniture. I press her for details, but she isn’t forthcoming. She’s just finished a project for a client, and she knows I’m not working the rest of the week.

Eventually she tells me that it was about time we went away for the weekend, and that she has booked us a room in a delightful place in the great outdoors. No traffic, no stress, no polution. I think I’d forgotten somewhere along the way that the best things in life really are free. I was touched by her thoughtfulness.

The weekend was a fabulous way to escape the grind of daily life, and it was a chance to spend some quality time together. What with the both of us working, it isn’t easy finding time to be close and rekindle our love for eachother.

It was just a simple thing, but it touched me. It strengthened our relationship, and gave us a chance to act like teenagers in love again, if that makes any sense.

Has your SO done something to make you feel special lately?

Out of the blue I just received a shipment of Peeps and peanut butter from my girlfriend – who knows I can’t easily buy such goodies in this Third World country – to keep me sugar-rushed during the final weeks of thesis writing. Ahhh, I’m in love!

Flowers at work are always my favorite. Not original, but I feel great for hours until just waiting to say thanks.

No such luck, here, but it sounds wonderful. :slight_smile:

MrVena snuck into my office the night before our anniversary and left tons of flowers all over with little cards hidden in my desk, computer, chair, etc.

He gave me a card when I woke up the next morning and I was a little disappointed. But when I walked in my office - WOW!

Awww, that’s sweet, samarm.

My most recent ex bought me a star.

I had been cleaning up around my “campsite” (I lived in a 25’ travel trailer at his parents campground, tho, many of us lived their year round) Needless to say, I was filthy.
He pulled up in his truck to let me know he was going into town, and as I bent down to give him a kiss goodbye, his eyes went to my hair. For a split second, I saw this panic in his eyes, and he hesitated for a fraction of a second before he reached up and brushed something from my hair.
It was a spider…no big deal…except…
He then told me he was deathly afraid of spiders…and I do mean panic stricken, run away, wakes up in the middle of the night to find the spider he FELT was in the room (there always was one nearby too!!)
I knew then that it was “TRUE LOVE”

As a birthday present, my lover sent to my workplace, a humongous, meter-in-diameter, helium filled balloon in the shape of your typical hot-air-balloon. It was replete with a network-suspended-woven-basket filled by sparkling cider, candies and chocolate. She fully well intended it as a slap in the face at my cow-orkers who’d recently accused me of stealing money from the Girl Scouts’ cookie fund.

With great and mutually shared glee I made sure she was cheerfully penetrated, mercilessly and repeatedly.

No one’s ever really done anything for me that I’d consider romantic. 'Course I usually don’t end up with terribly romantic guys to begin with… :frowning:

After a recent try at breaking up, she left a purple rose on the windshield of my car. We’re back together. Lucky OP! :smiley:


About a year ago, when my bf was in another job, his cell was a work phone. We used to talk on that a lot (I’d call seeing as calling international on a cell esp a work one would be utterly insane). Anyway neither of us realised that theres a charge for accepting the call (there isn’t here, I never heard of such a thing). So needless to say, work wasn’t too thrilled lol.

Anyway, after getting a bollocking about it, we decided he needed his own phone. He was totally stony broke but we were devastated at the thought that about 95% of our phone time would be gone for good (due to the time differences etc). He said he’d get his own cell phone… I said you can’t afford it and he said (and I quote) “I will for you”.

My heart melted… and, once again, I knew we were madly in love :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

One year on my birthday, we were broke, so no presents for me.

I had to run an errand and when I came home, I was suprised to find that my husband had made this giant heart out of tin foil and construction paper. He played my favorite song and danced with me in the living room.

One of the best birthdays I’ve ever had.

It must be some sort of conspiracy. You are completely right to feel sorry for yourself.