Most seductive moment in film

So, I was looking over some youtube faves, and ran across this:

(Siren scene from O Brother Where Art Thou?)

I don’t remember feeling it when I first saw the film, but damn… The seductiveness of the singers is just incredible.

Anyone else have any nominees they want to share?

What do I win?

The scene from “Unfaithful” where Diane Lane’s stomach and thighs just tremble.

Jennifer Connolly in Dark City, doing her torch singer routine. Ye gods!

You know, I rarely find youtube comments to be worth quoting - but this one is right on the money: “Barbara Stanwyck was hot enough to singe asbestos.”

Wow. Just wow.

Michelle Pfeiffer in The Fabulous Baker Boys

It’s A Wonderful Life - The Phone Scene

Salma Hayek’s snake dance in From Dusk Till Dawn

All the youtube vids of it are disappointingly dark.

That was a bit wow. :slight_smile:

Oh, God! I could not agree more with the “Phone Scene!” I came in to post the scene from “Living Out Loud,” when Holly Hunter is dancing with all of those women at the lesbian bar.

Lowbrow entry:

Jennifer Connolly 5 minute mark FTW!

William Holden and Kim Novak dancing in “Picnic”. Fully clothed, and not even touching one another; yet the sensuality is over the top.

The chess match in The Thomas Crown Affair.

“Cor blimey!”

  • strokes bishop lovingly *