Most shows set in the same "universe"?

That particular factoid has been mentioned in 3 or 4 comics threads here on the dope before (don’t remember all of them, but one was a question about religious characters in comics–you can do a keyword search to find them) back before it retroactivity became a sooper sekrit.

And I admit that I’m not familiar with the character or the show at all. Someone reported the post as a spoiler, and I presumed that it was, so I boxed it. And no, I don’t remember who it was who reported it, and am not inclined to check.

Actually, you didn’t box it. They say the memory is the second thing that goes…

BTW, this is the religious characters thread I was thinking of.

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If we’re including cartoon universes in this discussion, we mustn’t forget that brief confluence of the Pearls Before Swine universe with the universe of Calvin and Hobbes for three days back in June, 2014. To be sure, Calvin doesn’t appear himself, but his universe is there!


Didn’t St. Elsewhere turn out to be the dream of an autistic boy? Would that then mean that all the linked shows (L&O and the rest) were also part of that dream?

Mentioned in posts #5 and 6. The Tommy Westphall Universe.

And in my post #8. As I said, it’s in one of the crossover universes that has been put together in the website I mentioned. It’s Group 2 in this link:

Actually, you mentioned it in posts #12 and 36. :slight_smile:

Wait, does that mean that posts 8, 12, and 36 are all in the same universe?

Oh, no, I’m wandering between universes! Everything looks slightly different when ever I as much as blink. 12’s turn into 8’s! Where am I? When am I? Who is that little boy who claims he created this universe?