Fiction's largest "Extended Universe"?

I have compiled a list of television shows which are spinoffs of each other or had crossovers with each other:

St. Elsewhere
The Tortellis (a failed Cheers spinoff of Carlas ex husband and his new wife…Jean Kasem)
Law & Order
Law& Order: Special Victims Unit
Law& Order: Criminal Intent
Homicide: Life on the Street
Chicago Hope
Picket Fences
X Files (and X Files: Reopened)
The Lone Gunmen

Theres gotta be about a half century worth of seasons in that universe!
Can you think of any other shows that fit?

Umm, that’s a lot of crossovers. Can you point me to someplace that explains when/where/who crossed over with who?

And The X-Files did a cross-over with The Simpsons, which in turn has done crossovers with King of the Hill and The Critic (and probably several others).

I’ve found this, which might be helpful.

It’s a crossover list. It divides tv shows into 32 groups. If two shows crossover or one spins off from another, they’re put in the same group. Then, any show that crosses with either of them are put in the same group, and so on…leading to, so far on the page, 32 seperate TV “worlds”.

What’s X Files: Reopened? Do you mean the film, Fight the Future?

Neat site. The Seinfeld/*Mad About You * crossover is funny.

Groups 10 and 15 make me giggle. A lot.

Wow, would you believe I’d started working on documenting just this very thing a while back? I love a good crossover.

Don’t forget Ursula in Mad About You is Phoebe’s twin sister in Friends.
Also didn’t Lilith (a la Cheers and Frasier) also show up in Central Perk once?
off-topic I had a friend who didn’t ever realise that shows crossed over like this. I told him about the Ursula crossover above and he just went, “What are you talking about? That’s not the same person.”. Whatever, buddy.

The Simpsons don’t do true crossovers…only spoofs.

One episode of Caroline in the City had a cameo by Dr Niles Crane & Daphne Moon.

We’ve had several threads about crossover universes before. Note that the largest one in the website cited by Captain Amazing is Group 2 (which is the universe that Enola Straight is trying to put together). I noticed this one years ago and mentally referred to it as the John Munch Universe, after Richard Belzer’s character, who appears in five different series. The most interesting thing is that this is a two- or three-level universe. On one level are all the shows that crossover into The Bob Newhart Show. On the bottom level are all the shows that crossover into Newhart, which (as is revealed in the last episode of that show) is just a dream of a character from The Bob Newhart Show. But perhaps there is a level above the higher level, since it’s revealed on the last episode of St. Elsewhere that the entire show is just a dream in the mind of the child of one of the characters on that show.

Most of the other universes aren’t very interesting. Group 1, for instance, is just the universe of Norman Lear’s productions. Group 10 is mostly the Star Trek universe. Group 11 is Jack Webb’s productions. Group 32 is David E. Kelley’s productions. Group 4 is Gary Marshall’s productions.

Are there really crossovers between networks?

Yes, there are some examples of crossovers between networks. Go to the website cited by Captain Amazing and read the individual entries. They explain how each crossover happened.


That’s one big universe…lots more that I put up.

OK, I looked up the Homicide: Life on the Street - Chicago Hope on that site. It is pretty tenuous … but I guess it kinda counts:


Umm, not to be a fan-boy or anything, but Star Trek, has 5 series, totalling (after a couple more weeks) 27 full seasons and 10 feature films. Lot’s of cross-over between pretty much all of them.

Oh, plus the animated one… I always forget that one. So 6 series and 28 seasons.


Holy crap!

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There was never a show called X Files: Reopened. It was a plot point in an episode - there was a telegram for CSM that said X-Files Reopened - Please Advise, but other than that I really don’t understand what you could be talking about here . . .

I could’ve sworn there was a short-lived extension to the series in which Mulder and Scully (and later on, the T-1000 dude) with two new no-name actors.