Most sparkly, fun, glamorous chick movies for watching in the tub?

Lately I’ve been trying to relax by watching movies in the bathtub and I’ve been finding the best luck with movies like How to Marry a Millionaire, Funny Face, The Women, What a Way to Go, Dinner at Eight, Imitation of Life and things like that. Anything that’s 30s to early 60s and involves mostly females in a variety of outfits, maybe going to Paris, maybe staying at home where there’s a lot of white carpet. I’m not sure what to call this kind of movie. It has to have glamour and if there’s any crying it needs to be pure catharsis so you feel happy afterward.

I’ve kind of run out of ideas and don’t know what to get next. I watched all the Marilyn Monroe movies and all the Audrey Hepburns. Probably everything with Rosalind Russell too. Now I don’t know where to turn next. Can anyone help me with ideas?

Have you ever seen The Women?


Pokey, I’m going through a similar phase (without the focus on women) and here is a therad i started about it recently. Link

Maybe you’ll find something in there.