Most Stressful Week Ever

So, haven’t been posting as much this week. Been forced to travel to Pittsburgh for training. Which sucks. Last weekend, my parents and I painted a room of my new house - and it took all weekend. Next weekend, they’re coming back for more improvements.

I just need some free time.

Or I will go insane.

… Moreso.

Sounds like a hard week alright, how do you stand it all?

August 23, 1969
Cunningham killed
Sgt. Adams killed
Jarrell killed
Cortese shot in leg
Mills shot in leg
Stevens wounded
a couple others got shot too, don’t remember their names

August 24th
Roberts killed by a grenade
somebody else got hurt too

August 25th
Shelton killed
Southard schrapnel in back
Pedro got shot in the helmet - the bullet went around the inside and came back out the front. It slammed the helmet down on his face and broke his nose.
Brandt wounded

August 26th
Peleiholani killed
Pinto killed
Terry wounded
Martinez wounded
Tellio wounded
Smith lost both legs
Conway wounded
Rankin wounded
Denton wounded
Lt. Page wounded
Fields wounded
Brower wounded
Gravelle wounded
Wady wounded
no doubt I’m forgetting some

August 29th
Hermann killed
Smith killed
Sgt. Ferguson wounded
Rudolph wounded
Walsh wounded

There were also 2-3 who fell out from heat, which was absolutly brutal, but came back. 3-4 of the above men came back after a few days also.

This was from 1st platoon Golf company of the 7th Marines. From August 12 through September 9th our platoon had about 135% casualities, we kept getting new guys. On August 11 (I kept a diary, that’s how I remember all this) we had some or so 45 in the platoon. By 10:00 pm August 29th we were down to 13

Wow. Thanks! I was feeling stressed, but my overwhelming apathy to your post inspired by the snarky spirit it was posted in has completely displaced the stress.