Most super obese folks I've known have not lived long. Is this typical?

Per the article below most of the “super obese” people I’ve known have usually not lived more than 5-10 years in this condition before either they died or suffered some debilitating stroke.

By “super obese” I mean at least around 200+ lbs over your recommended body weight, the kind of people who are so heavy they have to get around on Rascal scooters and wheelchairs because their legs cannot support them for long.

My question is if this empirical observation is typical/? How deadly is being super obese from a health statistics perspective? IS there any data on this super heavy cohort of people.

On a Scale of Life or Death

Yes, they tend to die very quickly. This would be because their hearts are under massive overstress, which is bad for them.

Some “super-obese” people, who actually get some excercise, live longer. This is rare, and of course, their hearts have to be strong enough to survive the excercise.

My bil is easily 150 overweight…maybe more. He’s been this way for decades. And smokes. And drinks. And has a terrible diet. And never exercises. He works. I think it depends on the person. Some people can handle it better than others.

Makes you wonder if folks like your BIL would live to be 120 if they didn’t have such bad habits.

My BIL was listed as 600+ on his death certificate - he died in his mid 40s. Not that anecdotal evidence proves anything…

My former best friend (when we were 12) purchased a house down the street from me a few years back. Yes, huge coincidence, and pretty neat.

Anyhoo, she has two younger twin sisters who were/are hugely obese, as was their mother. Her parents were really Sprat folk. Friend has very fortunately not inherited this proclivity. These two sisters can been seen often walking for pleasure/exercise far away from their home. I assume they walk a lot. But they’re still huge. Like a full size barrel huge. I have to admire the tenacity they employ making these frequent walks. I couldn’t make those kind of walks even if I really wanted to, and I’m only 120 pounds, but horribly out-of-shape and I smoke.

It would appear that they are trying to keep their hearts healthy, and good for them!