Most times excommunicated

Who was excommunicated the most times? It was certainly easier back in the day, all you had to do was piss off the wrong bishop, so a medieval source is probably most likely. I’m not necessarily concerned with whether it was justified in more objective contexts. And the occurrences should be discreet, not say a string of Popes censuring the same guy for the same thing.

Starting data point: Frederick II had it happen 4 times. Does anyone beat him?

Non-Catholic examples are fine, too, but clarify if the process is very different.

According to Excommunication for Debt in Late Medieval France: The Business of Salvation by historian Tyler Lange, a Parisian named Robin (or possibly Robert) Gorget was excommunicated 38 times between 1426 and 1439. His and similar cases are discussed on pages 133 to 135 of the book. Lange laments that “we know so little” of this man, who was excommunicated more often than anyone else in the French medieval records Lange studied. The reasons for the excommunications don’t seem to be heresy, but rather indebtedness.