Most top military leaders quarantined historically?

I feel like the current situation where all but one of the US Joint Chiefs of staff are in quarantine is unprecedented. Has there been a similar incident in the past, either for the literal US joint Chiefs or for a similar command body for another major country? Google searching seems to just turn up the current events.

Eh… it’s not as bad as it sounds.

First, the JCS isn’t actually the command body for the military except for doctrine and (very) grand strategy. Actual operational orders are issued from the Secretary of Defense to what are called the Unified Combatant Commanders. These are the generals/admirals in charge of named Unified Combatant Commands. You’ve heard of US Central Command (CENTCOM) before; that’s the Unified Combatant Command for the Middle East and Central Asia. There are a bunch of others- USSPACECOM, USNORTHCOM, USEUCOM, USSOCOM, USSTRATCOM, just to list a few.

So having GEN Milley and the rest out for a few weeks of quarantine doesn’t actually mean anything in terms of war readiness, because orders don’t come from them or go through them.

Second, I read that their houses are generally equipped with lots of high tech, secure communications equipment, and that they’re all already used to teleconferencing and stuff like that since they use it a lot under normal circumstances. So they can continue to do their thing from home without a hiccup, assuming they’re not laid up too sick.

Third, the military’s hierarchy and redundancy is intended for this sort of thing- each of them has a deputy or subordinate who’s ready to step into that role if their superior is unable to continue for whatever reason. So even if someone dies from this, there’s a clear chain of command identified with someone who’s ready and aware that they may need to step into that role, temporarily or permanently.

That’s good information to put out there, but I wasn’t really asking out of concern but because I’m interested in the history of it. (I’m aware that the US military specifically, and militaries in general, are built to survive losing higher command entirely). There are a lot of battles where the outcome was significantly affected by a commander being sick or choosing to be away (Rommel celebrating his birthday on D-Day is a notable example), but I hadn’t ever heard of an entire upper-level staff having to quarantine from each other or anything quite like it. It’s hard to prove a negative, but I figured that if something similar had happened before someone would be able to mention it.