Most unusual (but welcome) Valentine's gifts?

Somewhat related to this thread on worst Valentine’s gifts.

I once gave my wife a Denver Broncos jersey for Valentine’s Day, and she loved it. She has followed the Broncos since her childhood in Colorado, and must be one of their biggest fans–we honeymooned in Colorado, and managed to do it during football season. Of course, we went to a Broncos game (a lot of my buddies are envious–they didn’t get to go to NFL games on their honeymoons). Anyway, a Broncos jersey was entirely appropriate and welcome in my wife’s case, although it seems very unusual to anybody who doesn’t know her.

What are the most unusual, but most appreciated, Valentine’s gifts you’ve given or received?

A new stick of RAM, when RAM was more expensive than it is now.

Well, a lady I work with who’s only been here about two weeks got me a little hardcover memo book. It was certainly unexpected, and definitely welcome…I’ve been thinking about buying myself one because my little cheapo paper notebook gets beat up in my purse.

This morning, part of my gift from my gf was a puncture-repair kit (in black and red, which matched by card and chocolates).

Most appreciated, since I started cycling to work at the beginning of the year. :slight_smile:

I’m not very Valentine-y at all, but someone that I care deeply about sent me a book about an old cowboy veterinarian this year. It was quite unexpected and very welcome, although I suspect that among this bunch, a book wouldn’t be at all unusual. For someone to know me well enough to know that that’s exactly what I’d like was touching.