Most useless kitchen gadget/utensil/appliance you got suckered into buying?

For us it’s the EZ Cracker egg cracker. No idea why I thought we needed this but it doesn’t get touched. I didn’t realize how few eggs we cracked until I bought this thing. Im also squicked out by the little blade that touches raw egg every time. Danger zone.

Rectal thermometer for a turkey? :wink:

Seriously, turkeys have pop up timers that tell you when they are cooked.

I haven’t used my meat thermometer twice since I bought it.

Those pop-up times in turkeys and chickens are pretty much useless, I would never rely on one to be accurate as far as cooking poultry. They’re stuck on the surface of the breast, when they should reach deep into the thigh.

I have a perfectly good toaster oven that takes up a lot of space on my counter. Mr. Sali said, “I want a real toaster, I want a real toaster, I want a real toaster” until I caved and bought a damn ‘real toaster’. I hated seeing that stupid thing sitting there taking up even more counter space, so after it was used and had cooled down, I would store it away in the pantry. I reckon it was used half a dozen times until this all-important mighty ‘real toaster’ was deemed too much of a hassle to bring out to use. So there it sits in the pantry, shunned.

Wow, you… really? You bought a gadget to crack eggs for you? I was born with two - I keep 'em on the ends of my arms so they don’t take up space in the junk drawer.

I bought one of those plexiglass garlic twisty things. It doesn’t work. I ought to Goodwill it, but it’s a little thing and I don’t even know where it is.

Oh, that’s not the problem. You won’t get underdone turkey with those timers. You’ll get well overdone turkey. Those gadgets are designed to pop up at around 180-185F. Turkey breast should generally be pulled from the oven at around 165F if you don’t like mealy meat.

Coffee maker. Turns out I actually prefer instant.

My husband bought one of these overpriced plunger measuring cup gizmos from Pampered Chef. I’ve never used it. (I don’t think he has either.) While the theory is that the plunger enables you to cleanly push out shortening or peanut butter or the like, but I always end up using the water-displacement method for measuring. It makes for a much easier clean-up.

A V-slicer. And it looked so good on the ad. :frowning:

Maybe it really does slice and dice but it’s a bugger to wash up so I tried it once and went back to using a sharp knife.

One person’s useless is another person’s can’t-live-without.

Seriously, I have at least 3 or 4 thermometers and use them all the time. I see no reason to guess when my meat is done when I can get an accurate reading from a thermometer.

As others have mentioned, that thing in the turkey is guaranteed only to tell you when to throw the turkey away because it’s overdone. And what about all the other meats that don’t come with an overdonemeter? Sure, you can figure out when they’re done sorta kinda sometimes, but why would you want to when a $10 thermometer takes the guesswork away?

As far as the OP. Hmmmm… what do I have that I don’t use? Pretty much anything that doesn’t get used gets thrown away or brought to goodwill, so I can’t really remember. Ah! I got one - I have a nutmeg grinder like so, used to use it all the time until I realized a microplane does the same thing faster & easier and isn’t a single-tasker. Same story with my ginger grater.

I bought a citrus reamer. It turns out it’s sized for limes, which I tend to not use so much in my cooking, and it still doesn’t work nearly as well as squeezing the fruit around a fork.

My husband once bought me a present from Williams Sonoma that he paid to have gift wrapped. it came with this curious little wooden scoop thing as a decoration on the gift bow. I had no clue what it was for ages. Turns out it’s a “mustard spoon.” You need a special spoon for mustard? So weird. My youngest kid plays with it. She calls it the “Koolaid tester.”

Oh, I loved my plunger measuring cup! Sadly, it seems to have gotten misplaced in our last move, along with no less than 3 candy thermometers (2 of which I never used, for obvious reasons…who the hell needs 3 candy thermometers? sigh But I sure do wish I had one.)

Oh, yeah, there’s an OP. Ummmm…I’m not sure if it’s a “gadget” or not, but there were these neat infomercial sold pop tops (think the cut off top of a Gatorade bottle, just as wide at the base as a can) that snap onto aluminum soda cans. I was so sick of people wasting 6 ounces of pop at a time, and thought these things would solve that problem: don’t finish your soda? Screw on the lid and throw the bottle in the fridge for later. Also, camping and bees…always a hell of a roulette game with an open can, but no worry with a bottle top! Winning!

As it turns out, the damn things are so hard to snap on, not to mention to get back off, that no one - including me - used them past the first week. :smack:

They have 'em in France, where instead of bread and butter before your meal you get bread and there’s mustard for it.

One of those small-quantity hand-powered vegetable choppers. What a piece of shit.

The Pasta Express. I bought on a whim for $9.99 without thinking it through first.
What’s the point of boiling water in a seperate container than the pasta???
Besides the fact that it solves a problem that doesn’t exsist it also never cooked the pasta through. At least I got $2 back when I sold it at a garage sale.

The most recent one was one of those pots with the colander in the lid, so you can boil things and turn it upside down over the sink so the water drains out.

The handles are too damn short, so you steam cook your hands everytime. Not only that, the lid does not come off easily. I guess they were so scared of getting sued if the lid fell off while dumping hot water, that the lid is practically welded on after use. “Great, I boiled some potatoes, but I can’t get them out of the damn pot!”

Perfect Pancake maker. Basically a small frying pan with a hinged lid. Lets you flip the pancake by turning the entire device over. Never mind that you can only make one pancake at a time with it, so a stack of pancakes for the family is an all-morning chore.

I did like the batter dispenser that came with it.

I bought one of those pump sprayers for olive oil to use instead of products like Pam. It’s supposed to be cheaper and no propellants to pollute the atmosphere, or some such. Anyway, I pumped and pumped (and not in a good way) and all I ever got was a dribble instead of a spray. I cleaned it and primed it and kissed it and called it Nellie but never got a good spray out of it. Fooey.

The idea may be good, possibly I just got a bad one, but this is one product I do not recommend.

A pizza stone. I’ve used it with frozen and fresh pizza, preheated and not preheated, and there’s no difference in the pizza. It’s worse that useless, because it’s big and heavy and hard to clean.

Also a bamboo steamer that doesn’t fit any of my pots or skillets. I use it for potpourri.

I bought a dumpling maker. Hand wash, and I had never made filled dumplings or turnovers in my life. I tried to make turnovers a couple of times, and the damn dough didn’t stick together, no matter what I did. It didn’t work for making ravioli, either.

I’m pretty sure it’s in a landfill now.

We sold those by the truckload at the c-store I worked at, until we hit saturation. To get them off, you seal the top, and squeeze the can, which forces the unit off the top.