does anyone know what is the best motel/hotel for about
30$/person, 3 people?

how much does a holiday inn usually run?

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Try the Crack Rocks Inn down on the corner of Martin Luther King Blvd and 6th St.

Most national chains aren’t that cheap. Any run-down sleazy looking motel that charges by the hour should be able to accomodate you, though.

Holiday Inn will probably run you $80-100/night.

You can’t go wrong at Motel 6. Low on frills, but clean and comfortable.

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Consumer Reports did a spread on motels a while back. In the budget category the highest rated places were Sleep Inn and Budgetel at roughly $50 a night.
Most other chains earned relatively low marks, including Motel 6 which did offer $36 rooms.
The lowest scoring of the groupw were [iDays Inn, Travelodge* and Knights Inn.

I don’t know how “Consumer Reports” rates their motels, but I don’t ask for much.

Hot and cold running water, and a bed with sheets that aren’t sticky.

That said, I’m happy.

BTW, my millennium plans are for a place at the beach, from a national change, and the base price (exclusive of taxes) is under $40.

And, yes, my millennium will change in a couple of weeks.

“national change???”

Make that “national chain”

Super 8 is usually not too bad…

Motel 6 (if you can get into one of the newer ones) is pretty good.

Susse Chalet can be good…but like any other franchised hotel it’s hit or miss.

Some hotel chains like Holiday Inn will offer discounted rates during the weekends, to fill the rooms left empty by the business travelers.

My suggestion is to do a lot of calling around. A lot of hotels do have websites… but again… CALL the hotels… both the 800 reservation lines, AND the direct property number. Sometimes the 800 lines will give national discounts that the individual property isn’t so willing to advertise. :slight_smile:

Mom always said there’d be days like this…she just never said there’d be so MANY of them!!!

Here’s a little tip for future reference. I work for a hotel group,so naturally i can stay at any hotel the company I work for owns for free(55 nationally), But I also can stay at ANY Holiday Inn(also Choice, Promus and Marriott run similar programs) for the employee discount rate of $15.oo a night. And I’m talking any. I’ve stayed in Manhattan, Chicago, Jersey, PA, for 15 bucks. SO, if you happen to know a friend or relative who works for a hotel in any capacity, see if they can hook you up.

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$30/person for 3 people is $90. The OP doesn’t say WHERE the hotel needs to be, but that should get you something at least reasonable in most places, particularly if you’re willing/able to stay in the suburbs instead of downtown.

When I was in grad school we joked that my advisor must get kickbacks from Days Inn, because everytime we went to a conference if there was a Days Inn we were in it. I don’t know what CR didn’t like about Days Inn. They seemed okay to me. Not a lot of amenities, but then I didn’t need amenities, I needed a place to sleep, shower, and change clothes.

Best bet: if you’re a member of AAA, you can go and get a book from them covering your destination which will have a listing of many hotels, along with guaranteed room rates in most cases. That should give you a good idea of what’s available.

By the way, I think Sleep, Comfort, and Quality are owned/run by the same company that owns Clarion… they get nicer/more expensive as the name moves further along in the list.